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Art by Gitoku

Sarutahiko Ōkami (猿田毘古大神, 猿田彦大神), is the God of Strength and Guidance of the Amatsukami, defender of the World and more particularly Japanese kamis. He is the creator of many martial arts such as Judo and Aikido.

As a towering man with a large beard, jeweled spear, ruddy face, and long nose, Sarutahiko is powerful and strong. He has a monkey-like appearance, with a red face and an appetite for seashells. Stubborn, he agreed for humans to live in Japan after being persuaded by Ame no Uzume, whom he later married.
Unlike many warrior Gods, Sarutahiko deeply respects life. He despises taking it from someone else. He is the God of Aiki : consistency and harmony. As such, he is a warden and a guardian more than a conqueror and his strength is what allowed japanese mythborns to remain relatively unharmed during the ages. He is the one that holds the key to the japanese Godrealm and guard its bridge.

In the recent events, Sarutahiko remains active and traditionnalist. He protects mythborns from the corrupting influence of Titans and makes a great team with Inari. Even though he dislikes the androgynous God flacky and everchanging attitude, her information network allows his strength to be used effectively. Recently, Sarutahiko has decided to mingle a little more in politics. He realized than pure strength can be trumped by intrigue and so he tries to make deals and create alliances with other similarly inclined Gods like Heimdall, Xolotl or Illapa. However, his stubborn and rough nature is not always the best way to make friends and its usually his wife who creates opportunities for him.

When he visits the World, Sarutahiko is always the defender of Japanese proud traditions. He has been a strong-willed sumotori, an aikido teacher in a mountain temple, a national park guardian or a military officer specialized defense operations. He always encourages people to do their utmost everyday, to uphold tradition and to be grateful for the generosity of the world around them. His progeny is rare, but just as inclined to uphold the values of protection and warding of their father. When Sarutahiko's Godborns say they are going to get something done, they do it, meeting their obligations no matter the personal cost, and they are baffled by people who don't hold their own word in the same respect. Combining laziness and dishonesty is the quickest way to get on their bad side. Consequently, they often prefer to work with people they trust and/or at least have their authority clearly established by hierarchy, where they can set and achieve their goals without debate or worry over other's reliability. They are protectors of the people… Who are not generally very good with people.

Associated Powers

Runic Druid
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Water - Healing
Epic Senses
Fire - Life
World - Stone

Associated Abilities

First Aid