Sasha is the gentle and playful Guardian of the forests of Scotland, emissary of the Treants of the Dark Forest, and right hand of World Tree Gulnarissil.

Sasha used to be an Treantling from a small forest in southern Scotland, serving the Treants in guarding a Spirit Orb, killing and eating those who entered the woods with ill intentions. Her destiny changed however when Soaring Anarchy entered the wood, found her in their path, and tried to make the Treantling their ally through various rather unsuccessful means. The effort, however, did move the limited consciousness of the Treantling, who intervened when Treants threatened to wipe out the Godborn, giving them a leaf as a token of gratitude.

Weeks later, the Godborn discovered that leaf was blackened and cracked. They hurried back to the forest, only to find it burned down, Sasha cut down to a mangled stump. Taking the Treants and Sasha to a journey through Scotland, the Godborn had them all take refuge in Sherwood, in the Dark Forest. There, the World Tree Gulnarissil saw an opportunity in a tree healing surrounded by the energies of the Dark Forest, and granted its power to Sasha, which transformed it into a powerful Child of Yggdrassil. After the transformation was complete, she was sent to help the Resistance wipe out the remaining Matrone forces. Once Soaring Anarchy came back from Sumer, she was sent by the Technodruids to help them against the forces of Miletriga.

Upon their victory and the return of the Tuatha Dé Danann, she was appointed Guardian of the forests of Scotland by the World Tree.