The Second Titanomachy took place around the XIIIth Century BC.

Since Kronus defeated his father Ouranos in the First Titanomachy, he had slowly turned to the side of the Titans, becoming an Avatar of Order as Control. This worked well for the World, well-organized and significant commerce and culture starting to develop over the World, but his leadership turned to a dictatorship, and from there to an outright tyranny. The Overworld was coalescing around him, becoming one unique entity containing all of the Titanrealms - dubbed the The Ymir, Cipactli or Pangu by various young Pantheons, this entity was threatening to swallow all of the Gods to satisfy Kronus' thirst for power and control.
He had taken to swallowing whole his children, fearing a prophecy which claimed his own child would be his end. At the time, the Gods were flourishing in the World and Overworld both, and at first overlooked Kronus' behavior. But as more and more Gods turned to the Titans, and as Kronus' paranoia and tyranny grew darker and more dangerous, the Gods had to act, lest they become slaves.

Leading the charge was Kronus' own son, Zeus, who had remained uneaten thanks to his mother Rhea. Rhea, indeed, had wrapped a stone in wraps, and fed it to Kronus in her last son's place. Newly returned and brimming with power, Zeus challenged Kronus.

A war across the whole Overworld quickly escalated, with on one side the Gods rebelling against Kronus' regime, on the other Kronus and the Ymir around him, and on a last side the destructive powers still-independent Titans such as Crom Cruach, Apophis, Abzu and others laying waste to both other sides. This conflict was felt deeply in the World, where the Gods were unable to ensure order. Egypt suffered a series of disastrous plagues, volcanoes churned smoke and death, civilizations fell, while bloody conflicts raged.

A great many Gods died or turned to the Titans during the great war, but ultimately Zeus' might tipped the scales, as well as the discovery of Tartarus: for the first time, Titans could be held prisoner, eternally, cut off from their power, and unable to influence the rest of the Universe. One by one, the Titans were captured, and locked away. Ultimately, despite the might of the Ymir, the Titans did not have the unity that existed in the First Titanomachy, when Gaia and Ouranos raged across the Realms. Kronus was chained in Tartarus alongside Apophis, Typhon and others, the Gods were victorious, but at a great price. The order and unity that existed previously was gone, and wounds had been opened that would not heal for millennia. The Ymir was torn apart, the Gods attempting to ensure some kind of order while keeping the more destructive Avatars at bay, leaving the Overworld in the state it now is today: a constant battlefield between various Titans and Pantheons.

But most troubling was the rise of the Secret Societies. From the ashes of Egypt rose the Cabal and later the Milesians who would one day cause the Concordat of Stonehenge to be enacted. The Phoenician civilization flourished, and with them the Illuminati, while the angry and abandoned Enlightened of Asia formed the Order of the Jade Fist. The Gods had won the Overworld, but they had started to lose the World.