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Gods and Titans are not the only beings aware of the power of Legend and its uses to influence events. Over the millenia, many groups of humans have become aware of the realities of the World. Some of these groups have toiled over centuries to counter the crushing influence of the Gods on their lives. Some are more hidden than others, some more hostile to the Gods than others, but all share one goal: the ability for Humanity to choose its own destiny. This often puts them at odds with Godborn, the agents of the Gods on the mortal plane. These societies have limited power compared to the unlimited ancient omnipotence of the Gods, and have almost no presence in the Overworld, but nevertheless their influence over the World is ever-increasing.

The main Secret Societies are:

  • The Illuminati, powerful and influential, they control the institutions of the World.
  • The Order of the Jade Fist, an ancient order of disciplined and respected warriors from all continents.
  • The Circle of Merlin, a group containing both ancient sorcerers and brave knights, bound to the protection of the mortal realm.
  • The Cabal, an enigmatic group of exiles practicing disciplines banned or frowned upon by Gods and other Societies alike.