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Sedna, Avatar of Water as the Provider, is a powerful Avatar residing in Oceanus, and one of the Titans most closely aligned with the Gods and she is currently fighting Yam for the dominion over Oceanus. She was once an old Goddess who accompanied the Inuit during their great migration during the first millenia AD. To protect them during their exodus, she directly used her powers to make the harsh environment of the north pole more hospitable. She taught humans how to use the plentiful resources of the sea. Also known as Arnakuagsak in Greenland, the Goddess continued to help its people and remained secluded from the politics of the Overworld, simply returning to Oceanus after the Concordat of Stonehenge and helping her people from afar, not above using benevolent titanspawns of the deceased Tiamat to her aid.

However, when the Theoi and the Northern Concord led by the Aesir started invading North America and slaying their local Gods, Sedna joined the fight. She battled Poseidon and Ullr over Greenland and was ultimately defeated, cast down in the depth of Oceanus. But the call of her people was too strong and she turned into a Titan to survive her defeat. Rising from the abyss, she started to work discreetly from the shadows to earn the trust of many. She created Akkorokamui to heal powerful Godborns in order to earn the favor of the Gods and offered many gifts to those who helped her, including access to Oceanus. Soon, she became a trusted ally of the Gods.
However, she had one condition : that her people would remain as preserved as possible.

Fulfilling her role as Provider to an extreme degree, Sedna is relentless in her giving nature. She cannot stop herself from helping the needy nor from punishing the selfish. She has keen diplomatic skills and as assembled many allies through her many gifts. The more narcissists of the Gods (more specifically Poseidon), consider that her kindness is just another way of extending her power and that she is just as dangerous as a more "direct" Avatar like Apep or Surtr : she might even be a double agent. However, none can deny that Sedna is now, thanks to her alliances, a powerful being on the side of the Gods in the war, constantly fighting Yam and Huracan by supporting all Mythborns or Godborns that come to her aid.