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Egyptian Goddess of War, Sekhmet is is often referred as Atum Re's right hand and is among Bastet's daughters. She is also Khepri's mother and Ptah's wife.

Often called "The Powerful" or "Re's Ire" Sekhmet is the embodiment of pure rage. She is Re's tool to punish or take revenge of those who caused harm to the Neter. With her humanoid lioness body, deadly fangs and sharp claws, Sekhmet is a genuine killing machine.

Extremely high skilled in all forms of martial arts, she can kill with as much style as savagery. Once in the battle, she doesn't care about collateral damage and her sole drive is to punish the enemies of the Neter. From an external eye over a battlefield, Sekhmet may look like a mindless beast, unleashed like an enraged dog over the pantheon's enemies, but that would be a huge mistake.

Sekhmet is a highly instructed brutal warrior and skilled doctor. She knows her fair share of strategies and history and could be the Neter's General if she wasn't losing control of herself at the sight of spilled enemy blood. When she is not slaying enemies, Sekhmet is using her time to learn, teach and use medicine to her friends and allies. In ancient times, she was considered as the Pharaoh's protector and often used a human form to take care of the young ruler's martial and medicinal training.

Other deities often wonder how she ended up with Ptah, as their personalities strongly differ from each other. But Sekhmet envy and respects the freedom of her husband as he reflects all she will never have by being prisoner of her bloody urges.

Like their mother, Sekhmet's children thrive upon revenge and fight. They have the energy to fight for their own with all the rage they can find within themselves, often to the risk of being mistaken for a dangerous psychopath. A small part of these children however, are more entitled into educating the young and healing the wounded. Therefore, they are found as infantry soldiers, S.W.A.T agents, martial arts instructors or military doctors.

Associated Powers

Hematurgy - Itztli
Epic Presence
Death - Destruction
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness
Sky - Destruction
Sky - Tempest
World - Stone

Associated Abilities


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