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Egyptian God of Sky, Set is a commonly distrusted God within the Neter. Brother of Osiris and Isis, he has long believed himself to be the only one with the ability to truly lead and protect the Pantheon. Some say this belief of his started at the death of his wife Nephtys because of Osiris.

Aardvark-headed, with coffee-colored skin and a boiling ambition raging in his deepest being, Set is a deity who is swift to act upon jealousy. This jealousy took root when Osiris saved his own wife Isis instead of Set's consort Nephtys during the Second Titanomachy. Though the choice was understandable at the time, when Osiris rose to power over the Neter, happy and fulfilled both by his position and the support of Isis, Set started to become more and more envious. And jealousy grew in the heart of the widow.

It is jealousy which urged him to kill his brother Osiris, scatter his remains all over Egypt and harass his nephew Horus in order to kill him during his childhood. It is again jealousy, after being beaten at the trials against Horus, which urged him to try to inseminate his nephew to show dominance and shortly after that to tear his nephew's eye off and disperse it in 64 pieces. But despite his power and Re's support, Set lost the leadership of the Neter and holds a grudge against his nephew. This is often a source of conflict between the two deities, but Horus always manages to calm his uncle down rather firmly.

Set is an incredibly unstable deity but somehow he still manages to fulfill both his duties without any flaw whatsoever: protecting Atum Re's solar barge against Apep every night and, as Warden of the Desert, keep Titans at bay. He is considered by his peers as a necessary evil and this is why he hasn't been brought down by his pantheon (or others).

Set's Godborns are swift to stir trouble anywhere they land foot. They use and abuse of various abilities in order to create chaotic situations which will then allow them to play their cards or disappear without leaving any trace. As such, they can be found in every field of work, which makes them even more difficult to detect.

Associated Powers

Sky - Destruction
Fire - Strife
Tai Yi - Nature
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Light - Brightness
Sky - Peace
Order - Control

Associated Abilities