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Shambhala is the ancient haven for the supernatural races of Asia. The Otherworld is only reachable through secret caves and valleys under the mountains of the Himalayas, it is a realm where the spiritual and the physical are one, where kami and Soul live side by side.
Despite being home to many different species of Mythborn, including the impulsive Rakshasa, Shambhala remains a center of peace. This peace is enforced strongly by Shambhala's ruling Assembly, from the capital of Lanka.

Shambhala's ruling Assembly is made up of spiritual and political leaders of the many Mythborn and Enlightened living in the kingdom. Amongst them, the most prominent voices are those of the wise Vibhishana, King of the Rakshasa and brother to the deceased Ravana, his friend Hanuman of the Vanara, the wealthy Kubera, God-King of the Yaksha, the exiled God Varuna, First of the Asura, the Asura seer Shukra, and the Nagaraja Shesha, along with his brothers Vasuki and Taskshaka, rulers of the Naga race

Shambhala is peculiar in that despite being a Mythborn bastion, it is also often visited by the Enlightened. This has created strong links between humanity and the ruling class of Shambhala, who view those humans as humble "little brothers", seeking an Enlightenement only they can provide. However, those without the humility to consider themselves lucky to even be looked upon by the Mythborn get a most unpleasant welcome - which future visitors understand keenly when they reach the gates of Shambhala, adorned with a eery assortment of fanciful banners, incense bowls, and human remains.

Shambhala's relationship with the Gods and Titans is tumultuous. On the one hand, Shesha and Vasuki are very strong allies of Vishnu and Shiva, Vibhishana and Hanuman are friends of Vishnu, and Kubera is considered a peer among the Deva. On the other hand, however, many among the Rakshasa are still angry at the Gods for their exile, while Varuna and the Asura are constant rivals of the Deva, and many among the Naga have enmity towards Vishnu's ally Garuda. They have excellent relations with the Amatsukami but are threatened by the Celestial Bureaucracy's constant will of expansion.