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Shangdi, the Yellow Emperor, is the son of Fuxi and Nuwa and the ruler of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Thickset and dark-bearded, Shangdi is, above all, a ruler. Used to make hard choices for the Greater Good, he is the most zealot defender of this concept. Wise, millenia-old, he is not the kind of deity to make hasty moves. He weighs up information, discuss the matters with the appropriate ministers to get their feedbacks and only then he makes a decision. With the Jade Emperor by his side to base his authority, Shangdi is respected figure among the Bureaucracy.
Shangdi's responsibilities were tremendous from the moment of his birth. Created by his parents, along with his brother Gao Yao, he was tasked to form a pantheon by recruiting or creating every necessary deities. That was shortly before the First Titanomachy broke out.

By then, the young assembly of six Gods that were Shangdi, Gao Yao, Erlang, Zhuanxu, Fuxi and Nuwa was beginning to set the first rules of what would become later the Celestial Bureaucracy. But when the First Titanomachy broke out, this young group of deities was quickly facing oblivion, hardly prepared to what would come to them. Fortunately, Gaia and Ouranos had picked more powerful targets and didn't even notice the presence of Tiàn. But from his deep obscurity, Yam reckoned the threat that would cause these Gods later on and decided to make a move to wipe their Godrealm before they became powerful enough to challenge the Titans. He decided to launch a full-scale assault on Tiàn, leaving them no chance to win, not even to escape their doom. But Yam was not quite aware of the power of the handful of Gods he was facing.

Fuxi, being a friend of Kronus, was on the other front of the War, helping his brothers defeating Gaia and Ouranos. When Yam attacked, he came to Tiàn's doors in person, followed by an infinity of his spawns coming in a gigantic tidal wave. Clearly outnumbered, the Gods of Tiàn separated the tasks: Shangdi was to help his brethren repel the spawns while his son Zhuanxu would stall Yam, alone.

Zhuanxu's fight against Yam was frightening enough to have been recorded in human history. Earth shook, rivers flooded and the sky was set ablaze. Eventually, their combat destroyed the four Axis Mundi to Tiàn Nuwa had built. With their connection to the World lost, the Chinese Overworld lost power and the Gods began to be overwhelmed. Zhuanxu kept stalling Yam to distract him from his grandmother Nuwa fixing the Axis Mundis directly on the World, suffering immense fatebindings in the process. Once done, Tiàn retrieved its power and Erlang ceased the opportunity to severe the Legend bond between Tiàn and Oceanus for a time. Cut from his realm's power, Yam had to retreat before Zhuanxu and Shangdi and his brethren wiped out the remaining spawns, trapped in the chinese Godrealm.

The aftermath of this battle was bad for Fuxi and Nuwa, who had to withdraw themselves from any politic moves and let their son Shangdi full power over the pantheon. The young emperor built the Palace of Heavenly Purity to offer his parents a quiet and peaceful place to rest and heal from their wounds.

Shortly after these events, Shangdi had to face one of his son Chiyou's rebellion against the Bureaucracy's rules. The rebellion lasted for ten years but Shangdi eventually managed to take his son down thanks to his talented diplomatic moves when recruiting Nuba.

His Godborn are also driven by the desire to lead other through rules. They are usually high in a chain of command and are persuaded to know what is best for their subordinates. They deeply despise any kind anarchy or lack of discipline and they cannot stand rebellous behaviors, even less when it is to challenge their authority. But thanks to the set of rules they are fond to follow, they are almost never tyrants and they are fair - and uncompromising - leaders and tough loving fathers. They are found in fields such as military general staff, hospital chief of medicine, CEOs of mighty corporations or "enlightened" dictators.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Nature
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Spiritwalking - Emotional COntagion
Light - Illumination
Order - Control
Epic Presence
Chwal - Puppeteer

Associated Abilities