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Passed Orisha of Lightning, Shango was one of Yemoja's children.

Married to Oshun, Oya and Oba all at once, Shango used to be Emperor of Oyo, as a successor of his father Aganju after his Apotheosis. But where Aganju was violent but not more than the average ruler of this time, Shango's thirst for blood was literally insatiable. Upon reaching Apotheosis, he joined his peers in the African pantheon and there began his reign of terror.

Despite being a God and not needing anymore to eat, for centuries Shango made sure to eat his fair content of humans. One for each meal. Every day. But cannibalism wasn't his only asset: his powerful abilities made him almost all-powerful over the Orishas. Except a handful of them, all feared him. And the more he was feared, the more powerful he was becoming, threatening to overthrow Olorun.

But his reign came to an end when the Lwa generation began to appear. At that time, Olorun decided to engage the Orisha into more peaceful ways, which set Shango mad. Aware his time would come to an end if he didn't fight for the power he grabbed over the last centuries, Shango plotted a rebellion to take over Ikole Orun from its ruler. The other pantheons, finally catching a breath after more than two millenia of aggressive expansion of the Orisha, looked unfavorably on Shango's rise to power and when his desires of rebellion became more or less public, they decided to put an end to the God's madness.

Thor and Zeus united and fought Shango to death in a legendary battle. The whole african continent was blanketed by violent thunder storms for years with lightnings as only source of light. Finally Shango was defeated and thus the Orisha was able to enjoy the beginning of a new era for them.