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African God of Earth, Disease and Healing, Shapona is a son of Yemoja and was deeply involved in the World as it is he who cursed humans with smallpox.
With two sides of his personnality, Shapona is highly unpredictible. Nobody truly knows who he really is deep down, all that is known is that he is not to be messed with, especially by humans.

Shapona possesses the power of both Life and Death and is able to heal anyone in his good graces or doom the others who offended him. As a loner of the Orisha, and even the Gods as a whole, Shapona is a very strong and enduring God. Unless provoked, he is patient and willing to do his business without asking anything to anyone. Mostly harmless, he spends his time answering the prayers of humans, often as a healer.

2,600 years ago, one of Shapona's godborns deceived the Orishas by selling information to the Theoi. In response, Shapona triggered the evolution of a virus infecting rodents and in doing so, cursed all of humanity with one of its most lethal diseases. When Secret Societies learned about the origins of the virus, spread across all of Africa and Eurasia, they combined their efforts in order to find a cure. With the Illuminati funding the project, the Cabal teaching prevention among population and the Order of the Jade Fist gathering raw material for studies, the three of them managed to find a vaccine after centuries of trials and errors and completely eradicated the disease in 1977. This event is known and celebrated amongst Secret Societies as the most successful alliance they pulled together against divine doings since the invasion of the Milesians.

Even though Shapona never admitted he went too far, he regretted his act almost instantly. But he is not the kind to lose face and appear weak. Instead, he used this opportunity to observe how far human humility could go. And until start of the 20th century, he was travelling from shrines to shrines to cure the worthy.

His children are all the same, driven by the desire to heal others and have a good nature overall. Even though their systems of values may differ from one godborn to another, they all are patient until someone interfers with their values. If so, patient and caring are not how they will be remembered. They are NGO field agents, geneticists, physicians or even ermits and shamans secluded from humanity and helping occasional travellers.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer
Chwal - Rider
Epic Senses
Depths - Underground
World - Expanse

Associated Abilities

First Aid