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Art by Luches

God of Agriculture and Medicine, Shennong is the son of Chiyou.

Tall and long dark hair framing his face, Shennong inherited his father's temper to protect humanity. But unlike Chiyou, Shennong asks for permission to Shangdi first. It took him some time to convince the Yellow Emperor but eventually the latter granted him permission to teach a thing or two to humans, mainly because his teachings were harmless for his ilk but also because Shennong was still a youngling at the time and Fate had not hold its claws on him yet.

And so, Shennong was given credit for the inventions of the hoe, the plow, the axe, irrigation but also pulse measurement and acupuncture. Two or three teachings, as said. At first Shangdi feared Shennong was following his father's steps and he saw himself having to slay his grandson as well. But Shennong knew he had to stop. As a wise young God, Shennong reckoned he had given humanity enough gifts for the next millenium or so. He came back to Tiàn, finding the Imperial Armies on the front gate, ready to take him down. Relieved, Shangdi promoted him Minister of the Bureaucracy and the two of them are now close friends.

Shennong's Godborn are driven by the desire to enhance the life of others. They like to provide what others need and are strongly protective and honest people. Although seeing people in need pains them, they usually don't override the rules and are respectful of authority. They are the type of people who try to change society from within by using its rules to change it for its own good. They are lawyers, physicians, plastic surgeons or simply kindergarden teachers.

Associated Powers

Green Druid
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Fire - Invention
Light - Illumination
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities

First Aid