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One of the Trimurti alongside Brahma and Vishnu, Shiva has been around since the beginnings of the Deva. While Brahma's role as a Creator was clear - and finished - long ago, and Vishnu's role as a Preserver has been proven over and over again through his many incarnations to save humanity in its moments of danger, Shiva's role is more complex. His role in the Trimurti is as the Destroyer, who is to bring down the World to rebuild it. However, Shiva has not yet had to go through his role, not yet - and so he found a new role over the last few millenia. He is the patron God of yoga, of arts, medicine, war, healing, prophecy, destruction, moon, serpents…His gifts are many, his power limitless (each of the Trimurti rivals the power of Zeus himself) and his worshipers number in the hundreds of millions, in the World, in the Otherworlds, and in the Overworld.

His duality - a benevolent God of Destruction - inspires fear and awe, worry and peace, bravery and cowardice. Despite being an elder God, Shiva does not settle with one role and one duty, and instead believes that his story is not over, and his identity is yet to be decided. He is the God of Change, of Renewal…and of Hope.

His Godborns are just as diverse as Shiva himself is. They can be violent and outgoing, or calm and unassuming. They can lead armies to battle, or talk kings out of fighting a war. As such Shiva is hard to understand - and he makes no attempt to make it easier.

Associated Powers

Water - Healing
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Fire - Life
Fire - Invention
Light - Illumination
Sky - Peace

Associated Abilities

First Aid