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Art by AnekaShu

Titan of Amaunet embodiement of Stillness, Shu was once the Neter's God of Air, father of Geb and Nut.

Turned Titan during the First Titanomachy while trying to slow down Ouranos' strikes, Shu now thrives to express his concept all over the Overworld and the World alike. All he cares about is to freeze both cosmic planes in a calm, peaceful state of immobility. To do so, he often allies with Huracán. There cannot be two more opposed Titans in Amaunet as Huracàn and Shu, but both reckon that, even if they are not exactly best of friends, their alliance is complementary and produces good results for both of them.

However, Shu is not a zealot warmonger as is Huracàn. As the Titan of stillness, Shu tries to achieve his goals by creating the less turmoils possible. The more turmoils created, the bigger will be his job afterward.
Shu also shares a strong bond with Ouranos, a paradoxal bond made of genuine respect and fear. Shu respects Ouranos to his very core: as a Titan of Calm, he represents a concept close to Shu's, which makes the latter want to befriend him. Unfortunately, their closeness would most likely mean Shu's absorption by Ouranos and the former egyptian God perfectly knows about it.