Reaching the Axis Mundi to Hanan Pacha, Godborns Aeron Rhod, Miruan Santos, Dustin Yarlson and Gerald Severus arrive in the Ayllus Godrealm. Once in the Godrealm, they realise it has seemingly been invaded by the Titans, with four monstrous tornadoes sustaining a dense cloud cover. Travelling to the Temple of the Sun, they find that the Sun was taken, which petrified the other members of the Pantheon.
They then attempted to get into contact with groups of minor Gods, hoping to get their favor. They first met the Yahuar, a group of Hematurgists based on self-mutilation, but were unable to convince them. To obtain credibility, the Godborns attempt to recover the spirits of the ancient emperors of the Incas, whom they discovered had been arguing for decades about who the greatest emperor was. Tricking them into each attempting to be the most humble emperor, they were able to make them follow and bring them to the Yahuar.

Galas, leader of the Council of the Yahuar, was not convinced, which prompted Gerald Severus to offer to promote the practice of self-mutilation amongst followers of Dionysus, in exchange of which the Council pledged its support to the Godborns.

They then reached a second group of minor Gods, the Vista, three sisters who act as conduits to allow others to experience visions of the Past, Present and Future. However, they could only get their help by defeating a Cherub leading the nearby forces of Aten.

Suceeding in killing the Titanspawn, the Godborns get the help of the Vista, allowing them to learn that Inti, God of the Sun, was being held in a cloud fortress high above the Godrealm, by Akhenaten's Great Cyclops, a massive construct of Light and Stone. Raiding the fortress alongside the forces of Supay, Inca God of the Underworld, the Godborns defeated the Great Cyclops, freed Inti, and reanimated the Ayllus, which allowed them to take the field against the Titans and change the tide of battle to the advantage of the Gods.