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Sif was a Vanir and is actually best known as the wife of the very popular Thor. Sif is associated with Fertility and Family caregiving, and she is connected to the rowan tree. She is the mother of the Goddess Thrúd (meaning ''Might'', a Goddess of the Storm), and God Ullr.

She appears as a beautiful woman with long golden hair reminding fields of wheat. Even though her hair is golden, her extraordinary beauty is simple, voluptuous and never vain. Thor once said to the Aesir she was the most beautiful creature in the World (he actually had to stomp a few giants who leered a bit too much over his wife). Loki cut her hair in her sleep, just to prove the brash God wrong. When Thor threatened to kill him in retaliation, Loki offered to find even fairer hair for his wife. He tricked dwarves into creating hair of the finest and shiniest gold which he offered to Sif. In Legend as in life however, what goes around goes back around. Later on, the dwarves created unbreakable bonds that detained Loki's son Fenrir in Tartarus.

Thor's marriage with Sif of the Golden Hair was one of the cornerstone of the integration of the Vanir by the Aesir. At first seen as a political marriage, the two are actually very much in love and have a nurturing and free relationship. Some Gods compared the couple to what Ouranos and Gaia could have been, a Sky God and a Earth Goddess, united by love, mutual admiration and true kindness.

Sif is very proficient in Augury. She helps others to find solutions and peace in difficult times. It was once tradition for people to bake breads with many grains to honor her and ask for her help. She is kind and a true Vanir : a Goddess who believes in cooperation, community and nature. In this regard, she's quite similar to the Tuatha Dé Danann, a pantheon that is vassal to the Aesir, but holds a special place if Sif's wild heart.

Sif is not very active politically. She usually advises her husband, managing his hot temper. She takes great care of the World and keeps very good relations with peaceful beings like Lada, Sedna, Xiuhtecuhtli, Dian Cécht and Demeter. However, these are not political but truly friendly ties. With the freeing of the Titans, Sif is quite worried. Not for her… But for her husband. Thor enjoys conflict so much and, being the greatest warrior of the Aesir, spends his time fighting titanspawns, alongside both warlike and beautiful deities like Sekhmet, Mahuika or Ayao… Not that he would ever cheat… Would he ?

When she visits the world, Sif is always with her husband Thor. When he's the famous football quarterback, she is the head cheeleader. When she's the CEO of a agriculture cooperative, Thor is the loud, muscly farmer. Sif understands the need for her progeny to influence the world. However, both Thor and her despise being unfaithful to each other. So, when they do sire Godborn with a mortal, it is through the infusion of Legend in the womb rather than procreation (like Osiris or Hera). Sif and her progeny are very similar : they enjoy life to the fullest, respecting all things and promoting cooperation and kindness. Smart and collected, they are attached to their home and usually manage to have a very fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. No son nor daughter of Sif has ever been unhappy : a feat than a lot of beings of legend envy.

Associated Powers

Light - Brightness
Light - Illumination
Fire - Life
Water - Life
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow
Green Druid

Associated Abilities

First Aid