Silenus, the Pleasure-Maker, embodies the concept of Life as Pleasure. Despite his origins being uncertain - is he a mythborn turned to Gaia's cause or a genuine titanspawn born from her womb? - he is living in Terra and took the opportunity to benefit from all of the endless life forms Gaia can offer: giant grapes pressed into the finest wine in the whole Overworld, tasty meat rosted from hunted beasts and beers brewed from Terran malt crops. Despite his foggy past, Silenus is known to have been the preceptor of Dionysus, teaching him all the epicurian ways to live life to the fullest.

Despite the obvious closeness of his concept to Dis Pater's, Silenus actions are far less invasive and destructive. Therefore, Gaia tolerates her spawn's existence even though she cannot really grasp Silenus' caprices.