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African God of Rain and Magic, Simbi was conceived by The Goddesses Oya and Oba. Member of the Lwa Gods, he is also called Simbi Mayaka and is affiliated with rivers and clairvoyance.

Master of Chwal - as all Lwa deities - and Wyrdseeing, Simbi uses his abilities to bring balance over Orisha's lands, ensuring the diversity of the african continent. With his serpent-body, he is said to live within river tides and listen to every creatures' requests.

Unlike his mother Oya who used her powers mainly for her own revenge against Shango, Simbi is not interested the slightest in divine geopolitics and only cares about the World's well-being. In that matter, he is close to celtic deities such as Brigid or Aine who taught him the rudiments of druidism. He nurtures as well excellent relations with the Amatsukami.

Thriving for peace and harmony, he has often been seen in Terra, dealing with Gaia herself in order to obtain her favors over one or another matter. Noticing his visits to the Titan of Life were becoming more and more frequent, the Orishas put him under close watch, suspecting he might be turning, especially after the odd disappearance of Oshosi. In case of such an event, Aganju and Ayao were designated to neutralize him.

Absolutely withdrawn from politics and not interested by mating, Simbi cannot see any reason to conceive any godborn nor wyrdborn. Persuaded humans are destroying his precious work, he sees that as another reason not to bring more of them to life (and especially not giving them divine abilities…). As for the mythborns, even though they are close to nature, he still hasn't found a species respectful enough of natural cycles - by Simbi's high standards - to deem it worthy of his attention.