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Egyptian God of Water, Sobek is among the first generation of the Neter Gods as a son of Atum Re. Brother to Bastet, Ptah and Hathor, he is also the God of Retribution.

A humanoid crocodile body and green scales instead of skin, Sobek is a feared deity among the Egyptian people, but he is also revered and respected as he the one usually bringing the Nile's floods. In ancient times, presence of crocodiles in Nile was considered as a good omen for crops as it was announcing an imminent flood. People's reliance on Sobek's good will was so strong they mummified crocodiles as a testimony of respect and to obtain the God's favors.

As a master of Water, Sobek is in charge of Agriculture. Although he acts mostly as a benevolent God, his ways are particularly…unusual. Like the crocodiles he embodies and protects, Sobek has a vicious behavior. "He who eats while he also mates" was one of his numerous epithets. But crocodiles aren't only sneaky and strange creatures, they can also travel over long distance. Like them, Sobek travels a lot and is the Neter's explorer. It was he who made first contact with the Orisha and, much later, met with Svetovid in the infinite vastness of the Overworld and establishing contact with the Bogi Lyudei.

As an explorer, Sobek's skills were requested by Isis to find Osiris' body after Set murdered him. It was he who found the body and recommended Isis to hide the mummy in the swamps of Buto.

Sobek is truly a complex deity. One could see a beast and they wouldn't be wrong, but another one could see a benevolent and loyal God and they would be right too. Those two faces make Sobek an unpredictable God, as he can as well eat you or amicably pet your head.

Besides being a water deity with a complex personality and behavior, Sobek is also the God of Retribution. It is his meeting with Nemesis which showed him the way. Even though he doesn't share all of her views, Sobek learned how to efficiently punish those who he judged to deserve it. This adds a little more to the unpredictable side of his personality. One could easily understand why humans considered him as a primordial deity, sometimes equal to Atum Re himself.

Like their father, Sobek's Godborns are highly unpredictable and seen as lunatics by mere mortals. Overall, they are good people who only seek to enforce their vision of Justice and Order. Like their father, they have a brutal way to help others. They are hitmen, bodyguards, life guards, soldiers or drug/gang squads agents.

Associated Powers

Chwal - Puppeteer
Water - Healing
Epic Ugliness
Depths - Abyss
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Rider
Water - Life

Associated Abilities

First Aid

Known Godborn