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Though Legend is a product of Fate, the Soul is what anchors it to a consciousness. Beings who possess Souls are able to survive their corporal body's death, their Legend remaining anchored to that being, becoming what is commonly called a "spirit". Though this would normally result in the World being filled with the spirits of the Dead, instead the Gods have long ago designated Realms where Souls are taken to be at peace, called the Underworld.
Some beings, such as most Titanspawn like Fomorians, are conscious without having a Soul, which means their deaths are permanent, their Legend dissipating back into the World.

To be Whole, a creature needs both their Original Body, and Original Soul. The lack of one or the other will result in an undead creature:

  • Body Intact, Original Soul: Living creature
  • Body Intact, Different Soul: Thrall
  • Body Intact, No Soul: Soulless
  • Body non-Intact, Original Soul: Revenant
  • Body non-Intact, Different Soul: Zombie
  • Body Absent: Ghost