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Art by Chris Saunder

Spiritwalkers are beings who use the power of Souls in order to channel them. Souls can for example be used as a pure source of power, or counseled for advice, or manipulated for enthralling others. Souls are also the home of emotions, therefore Spiritwalkers can influence the emotions of beings.

Known Spiritwalking Practices


Necromancers are able to bind Souls either lingering in the World or dragged from the Underworld. These Souls can then be used to take over living bodies, reanimate dead ones, or haunt targets of the necromancer. These Souls can also be stripped of their Legend and used as a power source for multiple Rituals. Necromancy is considered an abomination in most Pantheons.
Necromancers are common in Europe and Asia.


Shamans summon the Souls of ancestors or wise men, in order to get advice from them, or to channel their power into themselves to use their compounded experience to increase their own abilities. Shamans generally have one or a few Souls they mainly rely upon.
Shamans are common in North America, East Asia and Africa.


An offshoot of Necromancy, Soulbinding is a practice by which Souls are bonded to inanimate objects, giving them control of the object itself. Since objects each have their Kami, the Soul absorbs the existing Kami. However, if the Soul is weaker than the object's Kami, the Soul is consumed by it. The practice of Soulbinding is considered an abomination in the same strand as Necromancy amongst many Pantheons, especially ones respecting the life of Kami such as the Amatsukami and the Tuatha Dé Danann.
Soulbinding is a rare practice, found only in Scandanavia and Northern Africa.


Chwal is the practice of using someone else's body and senses instead of one's own by superimposing one's soul on another, willingly or not. Largely practiced by the Orisha, but often seen as controversial by most Pantheons, Chwal allows one to see through another's eyes, hear what they hear, smell what they smell. At more advanced levels, it allows for the overtaking of the target, forcing them into performing certain actions. Powerful and subtle masters of Chwal are able to do so without their target being even aware of the tempering. Because Chwal requires one to partly merge their Soul with another's, it has a tendency to create powerful Fatebindings.

Emotional Contagion

All beings can influence others through body language, subliminal messaging. Emotional contagion takes this ability to the next level through Legend. By making one's soul (or kami) vibrate, one can inspire emotions to others. The most basics or fear, anger, surprise, disgust, sadness and joy. Talented users can direct these emotions to one or more targets at once, even themselves. Emotional contagion speaks to the illogical part of the mind, the fire within souls and kamis…making it ineffective to use on titanspawns.