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Styx, Avatar of Death as a Journey and Patron of Psychopomps, is a neutral Avatar, mostly interested in ensuring that Souls proceed through their natural journey from Life to Death.

Once a powerful mythborn nymph, Styx is the daughter of the nymph Tethys and Oceanus (who later fused with the titanic realm of Water, giving it his name). Long ago, after the First Titanomachy, the Nymph met the god Izanagi, at the time married to the beautiful Izanami. She was entranced by the japanese god, falling in love with his spirit, honor and humility. She longed to give him children as her wife seemed to be unable to produce healthy ones, and he was anguished. However, neither took action in that direction… until one fateful day, Izanagi rushed to her waters, covered in black marks and dripping ichor. He had just lost Izanami, who had become a terrible monster after her death. When he tried to save her from the land of the dead, she attacked him and cursed him with death and darkness.

Heartbroken, Izanagi fell into the waters of Styx, hoping it would cure him. Absorbing and diluting all of Izanagi's pain, their union produced new Gods, pure from Izanami's decay. But such a powerful act had a price. Linked to death by Fate, she became a titan avatar of Death. Her conscious almost evaporated and her memories disappeared… She was an entirely new being taking the form of a long flow, reaching far and wide throughout Sheol.

As a patron of the guiding of Souls, uncharacteristically for an Avatar of Death, Styx abhors Necromancy, and as such works with the Gods against Titans such as Camazotz, who uses the Dead for their own purposes. She reaches through the World, bringing Souls to her, through the many psychopomp Mythborn and Titanspawn at her service. Some of her children have even obtained roles of their own, such as the river Acheron, which serves as the primary entrance to Hades.