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Sun Wukong, who dubbed himself Handsome Monkey King is the Celestial Bureaucracy's special snowflake and God of Trickery and Strength.

Human-sized monkey and highly intelligent, Sun Wukong is a mythborn created from The Ymir being split apart after the Second Titanomachy. He is said to have spawned from a magic stone on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, already able to crawl and walk. He then spent years training to acquire martial skills. His special skills include super strength (he can lift 8 tons easily) which he can turn into high speed by jumping halfway across the World (that is more than 22,000 kilometers in one somersault). He knows 72 transformations, which he is not keen to use because his tail always fails to accompany the said tranformation, each of his hair has the property ot be able to grow a full clone of the Monkey King and he knows how to command air, part water and freeze humans and divine creatures alike (including Gods).

Shortly after his birth, Sun Wukong befriended the mountain's monkeys and was proclaimed their king after he jumped through a waterfall. Now, king of his kind, he needed to find a weapon so he traveled to the Jade Sea, where he acquires one of Ao Guang's treasures: the Golden-banded staff Ruyi Jingu Bang. This staff weights around 8 tons and can change its size, multiply and fight according to its master's whim. When not wielding his weapon, Sun Wukong shrinks it to the size of a sewing needle he tucks behind his ear.

But Sun Wukong, awed before the Dragon Kings's treasure, needed to bring back some more "shiny stuff" and to do so, he had to take those by force, as the Dragon Kings were not really swift to let this petty creature take away their prized possessions. The fight took an unexpected turn when Sun Wukong managed to defeat all 4 Dragon Kings and forced them to give him a golden chain mail shirt, a phoenix-feather cap and could-walking boots. Upon his return to the mountain, he displayed his new power to his loyal subjects and drew the attention of other powerful mythborns.

The Bureaucracy, worried this mythborn would wreck havoc in their bureaucratic order, tricked him into going into Di Yu, where Yanluo was supposed to imprison him forever and solve the problem. However, Sun Wukong tricked Yanluo and managed to erase his name from the Book of Life and Death and walk out freely.

The Jade Emperor changed his approach and hoped that a promotion would keep the Monkey King under control. And so, Gao Yao invited Sun Wukong into Tiàn, where the mythborn thought he would receive an important position among the Gods. But instead he was named Protector of the Horses and had to watch over the stables. The lowest position any soul could have in Heaven. As vengeance, he freed the Cloud Horses and proclaimed himself Great Sage and Equal of Heaven.

The Bureaucracy was forced to reckon his new title and promoted him Warden of the Heavenly Garden. However, when Sun Wukong discovered he was not invited to attend a banquet where all important deities were gathered, his indignation turned into an open defiance to the Gods. He ran to the Golden Orchard and stole a peach of immortality, then stole the Jade Emperor's royal wine and retreated to his kingdom to prepare his rebellion.

Shangdi and The Jade Emperor did not wait long before sending the Heaven's Armies to his tail, but unfortunately for the Bureaucracy, Sun Wukong managed to defeat the Army single-handedly and proved himself the equal of Erlang. Eventually, the Bureaucracy managed to contain him and imprison him, but failed to execute the Monkey King. He was then sentenced to be distilled into pills of immortality. But after 1,000 years, when the cauldron he was locked in was opened, Sun Wukong jumped out of it, stronger than ever and now granted with abilities of Wyrdseeing - which gave him an eye condition, making them sensible to smoke.

Desperate, the Jade Emperor called Gautama Buddha for help. Buddha then bet Sun Wukong he could not escape his palm. He accepted the challenge and jumped far away from the Great Sage, until he reached five pillars. Thinking it was marking the end of Tiàn, he stopped and then proceeded to urinate on them and mark them with a phrase stating he is the equal of Heaven and finally leap back into Buddha's hand. But the five pillars were actually Buddha's fingers and when Sun Wukong tried to escape the trick, Buddha turned his hand into a mountain and trapped Sun Wukong within. Before the Monkey King could get through the mountain, Buddha scealed it with powerful mantras locking the mythborn away into the Overworld.

Five hundred years later, Guanyin was in need of a protector for a pilgrim who had to travel across China and Sun Wukong, from below his prison, volunteered. Guanyin accepted to free him, with Shangdi's consent, in exchange of the pilgrimage's completion. However, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Therefore Guanyin gave the pilgrim an unremovable magical headband to put on Sun Wukong's head which, when activated with the right incantation, would shrink and cause unbearable pain. Out of fairness, the Minister also gave him three special hairs, to use in case of emergency.

The pilgrmage, told in the novel Journey to The West, having been completed, Sun Wukong was being granted freedom and, on Guanyin's special request, a place within the Bureaucracy - under Guanyin's responsibility that is.

Nowadays, Sun Wukong is still an unbound part of the Bureaucracy, at the opposite of everything the Bureaucracy stands for. Greater Good is absolutely not in his mind and almost every God of the pantheon disrespects him. "Royal pain in the ass", "jackass beast" are among the epithets he is known by in Tiàn's hallways. But despite infringing each of the pantheon's rules every day, Sun Wukong tries to behave himself, at least not to cause too much trouble to Guanyin, a Minister he has nothing but respect and gratefulness for.

Sun Wukong's godborns are, like him, driven to follow their own path. They do not accept any rule from anyone but themselves and freedom is their most prized possession. They usually show great mental strength when set onto something, being relentless and even stubborn creatures at times. When they have some time off, they like playing pranks to others, as a friendly joke to break the ice. There are not many jobs such personnalities could keep for a long time, as they have tensed relations with authority. Therefore, they are moslty globe trotters, going where theirs goals send them, having part-time jobs every now and then for conveniences.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Flow
Night - Veil
Night - Moon
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Rider
Light - Illumination

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