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Supay, God of Death and overseer of Uku Pacha, is seen as particularly evil, hideous and generally, not a great guy to have in one's viscinity.

Though mostly true, Supay has a soft heart, especially for children. In fact, the Inca Underworld has a magical place, Happy Death Land, where all dead children are constantly being entertained and fed, in a well lit amusement park. He often takes the form of a snake to visit babies in their sleep to watch them, hoping they will join him as as soon as possible (he never takes their lives but really enjoys their sacrifice).

When not confronted with children, Supay is plainly manipulative and uses every trick in the book to gain the upper hand over his adversaries, Titan or not. Supay is responsible for sickness and everything toxic. From deadly poison to snake pits, from zombies to virulent illnesses, Supay uses tools that most Gods don't find apepalling. To him, he just sees the World as it is : something that corrupts slowly but surely. And someone has to be at the end to receive everyone. The less corrupted by hatred or greed, the better the reception.

When he does visit the world, Supay is always a bringer of bad news. As bailiff, oncologist or a pediatrician, he seems to be biased, always sparing the "pure" and being merciless to the "corrupted". He punishes without judging as redemption is not an option. His rare progeny is just as enclined to make those who are corrupted -or worse - corrupt others, pay for their conduct. They always try to protect the innocence of children. Supay and his Godborns are often ugly, repulsive, contemplative, with a desperate look to find wonder and kindness in others. Most of the time, however, they are disappointed, and they bring the power of death, disease and blood to smite them before their corrupted interlocutor causes any more damage to the next generation.

Associated Powers

Chwal - Puppeteer
Depths - Decay
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Water - Healing
Night - Fear
Epic Senses

Associated Abilities