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Art by Kekaiart

Surtr, the fire giant, the Avatar of Fire as Destruction, the bringer of Ragnarok, the destroyer of worlds.

The titan is maybe the more martially powerful titanic Avatar today. His fire sword is destined to destroy Yggdrassil, the World Tree, and bring an end to the Aesir. He has a demonic appearance, even for a fire giant. His body is entirely covered in smoldering coal, hot as lava and hard as steel. Fully-protected by a spiked runic armor of melting metal, with humongous hot flames raging though its cracks, the giant is nigh-invulnerable. And even that is nothing compared to the destructive power of his sword, an artifact so old and mighty that none has yet to endure its blade and survive. To put it short, Surtr is scary and he knows it.

His dominion over Muspelheim is only delayed because his forces are spread between Vrtra, the Aesir and Terra. Despite those three fronts, Surtr is currently in a very dominant position. He is not into diplomacy, but intimidation. He currently dominates Prometheus and uses the power of his industry to fuel his wars. Like all fire giants, Surtr likes to pillage, drink Lava Beer, fight and destroy. In his Fortress of Conflagration, he rules with an flaming iron fist. He is proud of how he has transformed Muspelheim and on the ground he gained over Terra during the "Scorched Earth" assault, lead by Glarvonjar. For all these reasons, Surtr is considered one of the most dangerous Titan Avatar. Every blow against him, he retaliates tenfold. Luckily, his relative lack of cunning and subtlety makes outmaneuvering his forces doable. But one can only hit-and-run so far until he has a thousand fire giants at his gates…