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Surya, Sun God of the Deva, is the most resplendent of the solar deities. He is the Sun which dispels the darkness, which brings truth, knowledge, life, and enlightenment. Riding a chariot pulled by seven horses - one for each color of the rainbow - and holding lotus flowers, with his chariot driver Aruna ahead of him and the dawn Goddesses Usha and Pratyusha at his side shooting arrows at the darkness, Surya is a symbol of hope and the inextinguishable Fire of Life.

In this role, Surya has extremely strong ties with Atum Re, helping in his daily battle against Apep, and with Xiuhtecuhtli, Titan of Fire as Life. Traveling throughout the Overworld, Surya is a bold warrior on the side of Light and Life, joining the war against the Darkness wherever it lies, aiding any Pantheon or even friendly Titan that needs his help.

Surya is less directly active in the World itself. Preoccupied by the Great War between Light and Darkness, it is rare for him to look downwards at the World. As such he has precious few Godborns, and is more than happy for things to stay that way. He prefers teaching than fathering, and where Indra and Murugan are constantly busy warring and planning, Surya often takes the time to take on apprentices, and share with them his wisdom and skills.

In the modern age, Surya's Godborns are constantly on the move, constantly out in the open, and constantly fighting against the forces of Darkness. They never stop, never waver, never hesitate, a flaming ray of Sun piercing the heavens, bright, unstoppable…but brief. Godborns of Surya rarely die of old age, and their risk-taking personalities mean precious few live long enough to rise to Godhood. They have been anti-terrorism special forces, spelunking experts, or racecar drivers.

Associated Powers

Fire - Life
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Light - Illumination
Light - Sun
Sky - Peace
Fire - Destruction
Tai Yi - Flow
Fire - Conflict

Associated Abilities