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Susano-o, also known as Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto, is the God of the Sea and Summer Storms. Susano-o is one of the most powerful God of the Amatsukami and is the brother of Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, and of Tsuki-Yomi, the God of the Moon. All three were born from Izanagi, when he washed his face clean of the pollutants of Yomi, the Underworld, in the river Styx. Susano-o was born from the washing of the Izanagi's nose. Susano-o uses Totsuka-no-Tsurugi, a powerful katana once forged by Svarog as a sign of friendship between the two pantheons.

Susano-o is restless and impulsive. He once flayed a horse and threw his body on his sisters table as a fit of rage. That sent Amaterasu in hiding, ashamed of her brother's behavior. When Ame no Uzume managed to make her leave her cave, she banished her brother, who then wandered the World and the Otherworlds, trying to earn back his sister's affection. He has accompanied Sun Wukong and even travelled to Greece where he had an affair with Aphrodite (which has put him at odds with Ares and Hephaestus to this day).

On Earth, he is well known for slaying a powerful titanspawn, the eight-headed dragon Yamata no Orochi, the second in command of Kur. He lured the dragon into drinking sake from eight tubs (one for each head). Each head fell asleep at the bottom of each barrel, exposing their necks, which Susano-o slit in one motion of his sword. In the tail of the beast, he found Kusa-nagi no Tsurugi (Grasscutter sword). He presented the weapon to Amaterasu as a reconciliation gift and earned his place back in the Godrealm. This sword became one of the three symbol of the imperial family of Japan.

Susano-o likes to feel alive. He loves experiences and travelling. Gods have warned him of the dangers of Fate but to him, immortal life is meant to be enjoyed ! Although he is a sea God, he prefers the richness and liveliness of the shores rather that the beauties of the deep, which he gifted to his son Ryujin. He likes to break stuff, have fun and let his emotions run wild. In the War against the Titans, he is actually happy. Peace makes poor stories after all ! He often joins the most audacious raids and likes to be flashy. He is not stupid but he is impatient : to him, beating the Titans means being audacious, impredictable and enjoying it. He has a good relationship with many Gods such as Thor, Svarog and Sun Wukong but just as many tumultuous ones. Though her sister spends a notable amount of time correcting the diplomatic fallout of his behavior, none can deny that the flashy God of the Storms is not to be trifled with and has helped the cause of the Amatsukami, challenging the impossible and riding the waves of danger with a big smile on his face.

Due to his adventurous state of mind, Susano-o had many Godborns. Him and his progeny are are full of passion and energy, complemented by a rational, if sometimes distracted, mind. Inspiring, convincing and colorful, they are natural group leaders, pulling everyone along the path less traveled, bringing life and excitement everywhere they go. Putting these qualities to a constructive and rewarding end is however their true challenge. If they aren't careful though, they may get too caught in the moment, take things too far, and run roughshod over more sensitive people, or forget to take care of their own health and safety. As a professional surfer who goes out even during storms, bold businessmen specialized in sea products or a gun for hire travelling the world, his progeny is always remembered for being loud, flashy, likeable but impatient.

Associated Powers

Water - Healing
Water - Life
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Water - Raging Sea
Sky - Peace
Green Druid

Associated Abilities

First Aid