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Art by Wieszcza

Slavic God of Fertility and Abundance, Svetovid is the messenger of the Bogi Lyudei and the divination deity of the slavic pantheon.

Also known as Radegast in the Wendish lands, humans represent him by a four-headed dragon with one head pointing to each cardinal direction. Brown beard, brown hair, a green ivy crown, pale skinned and riding a fierce steed. This is the common appearance Svetovid chooses to show to his fellow divine comrades.

Svetovid is a wanderer. He carries messages to the whole pantheon and travels all around the Overworld to provide help and advices to whoever needs it. He is a master of Wyrdseeing and can interpret the flows of Fate the same way a musician can read musical notes. His abilities allow him to predict many of the possible outcomes of a given action and because of this, he is seen as a trusted advisor and a prized ally. He and Ullr have developped an especially strong bond made of sheer respect for each other, a bond which proves useful to escape Odin and Heimdall's power as both Gods would love to use the vassal status of the Bogi Lyudei to gain control over Svetovid's insights (especially regarding Ragnarok…).

One alliance which was significant enough to shake the Bogi Lyudei to its core was the alliance between Svetovid and Svarog. Svetovid helped him forge his most successful creation. Thanks to their combined Legend and skills, they were able to create a powerful Wyrdborn who then succeeded into becoming a part of the Bogi Lyudei: the God Dažbog.

His Godborns are, like him, run by their instincts and driven by the idea of traveling around the World along with informing people about actions of the past, present or future. They can be international journalists, politicians, preachers, explorers of the wild or colonists.

Associated Powers

Green Druid
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow
World - Expanse
Fey Sorcery - Winter
Spiritwalking - Emotional Contagion
World - Nature

Associated Abilities

First Aid