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Taiyi, also known as Seidr to the Aesir, is a Legendary Discipline specialty of the Celestial Bureaucracy.
Invented by the Three Pure Ones as a powerful form of Wyrdseeing, the Taiyi lies upon the concept of Taiji, better known as Yin-Yang, according to which everything in the Universe shares an equal place with its opposite. Both opposites are complementary with each other, as one couldn't exist without the other. Male and female, light and darkness,…

As such, the Taiji is a concept describing the balance of the Universe. Such balance is being stored and expressed through and within the Wyrd and the Taiyi magic allows its user to manipulate the flows of Legend in order to change Fate by being able to determine the points of balance, the nodes in the Wyrd where two or more fate bindings outcomes share an opposite nature and can cancel each other out.

The task is tremendously difficult and, as the user cannot destroy Legend but can only transform or move it, the result is almost never perfect, thus leaving powerful resulting fatebindings attached to the user.