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Takama-ga-hara (高天原, the Plain of High Heaven) is the Godrealm of the Amatsukami. The Heavenly plain is circled by a rocky shore-line and then a tranquil sea, delimiting its frontier with Terra, Aether and Oceanus. One might be surprised at the absence of protection, however, the Amatsukami have the advantage of being at the border of titanic territories that are not necessarily hostile to the cause of the Gods : Sedna, Helios and The Green Man respectively. These avatars and their titanspawns are tolerated in Takamagahara, allowing them safe passage in exchange for their protection.

It is the dwelling place of the Amaterasu and her court. It is a lofty, sacred world and is perfect in the Japanese sense. Living a perpetual summer morning, everything has a place, a purpose in harmony with the rest. Everything is more palpable, more "real" than in the real World. The japanese value harmony, balance and perfection. The gardens are always green and well trimmed, the sakura always in bloom, the rivers chanting calming sounds as their pure water bounces of shiny rocks… Everything is exquisite, refined and humble and any disturbance or lack of manner is very strictly condemned.

The fields of the Heavenly plain stretch for tens of miles. The soil is black and rich, allowing multiple kinds of agriculture and the stone is rich in ore. Thousands of mythborns live in Takamagahara, allowing its peaceful ecosystem to continue and prosper. Today, Takamagahara is considered one of the most peaceful place of the Overworld, and the perfect spot for relaxing by more than a few legendary beings, tired of the vicissitudes of Olympus, Tiàn or Asgard. It is not uncommon to see a minor God getting a shiatsu massage near a japanese stone garden or discussing philosophy over a game of shogi. Amaterasu accepts all visitors with pleasure, as long as they respect the strict rules of conduct inherent to her home.

At the center of the Heavenly plain stands the Palace of Sakokushiro, official home of the pantheon. There, the Gods are waited upon by high-ranking kami, who are served by lesser kami, and so on, in an elaborate hierarchy of spiritual and social structure. The Palace itself is not a single building but a ast complex of gardens, apartments and fortifications, with each wing belonging to different deities. A few wings are worth mentionning :

  • The Home of the Rising Sun : Amaterasu's private quarters are example of all the refinement of traditional Japan. In fact, the Sun Goddess has created a few powerful spells that automatically dress any visitor into a traditionnal japanese apparel in order to maintain harmony in her chambers at all times. There, she hosts very famous tea parties, and the delicate sliding paper doors of her wing have hidden many alliances and deals.
  • Two Wings remain empty, belonging to Susano-o (who prefers the sea and travelling to actually staying in the palace) and Tsuki-yomi (who was banished). These wings are far less populated and offer quiet and discreet places for conversation or other activities. However, none can escape the sight of the sun for long and a few arrests have been made by Amaterasu's forces in these wings.
  • Far at the back of the palace, Raiden's quarters are a poor sight to behold. As he often inherits the worst servants (who are usually punished into serving him), his quarters are filthy and full of junk from every part of the World and every era.
  • At the top of the Palace lies the quarter of Izanagi. The house is quite modest and almost somber, with a tint of sadness and melancholy tainting even the scarce furniture. If one is invited to dine with the founder of the Amatsukami, he will join the God in an austere living room with its ceiling being a small window to any part of the sky the God desires, even the depth of Nyx or the clouds of Amaunet. Even though Izanagi uses it extremely rarely (except for its decorative purpose), it remains a powerful artifact that many would like to use in the upcoming war. Some say it was a gift from Ouranos himself… However such claims have never been verified.
  • Unlike the rest of Takamagahara, Hachiman has transformed his wing to fit his needs. The walls and furniture evolve to match his specification, he even has a TV and a stereo. The exterior remains relatively elegant and homogeneous with the rest of the palace to satisfy Amaterasu's need for harmony.

Takama-ga-hara is one of the most peaceful Godrealm and remains a safe haven in these troubled times. However, with the continuous aggression of the Titans, especially in Oceanus and Terra, plus the looming threat of the return of Mikaboshi, the Godrealm might not stay harmonious and calm for much longer.