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The Nga Tama a Rangi are all quite close to the Maoris themselves, providing guidance and protection. Tangaroa, as the God of the Sea, is no exception.

He often appears as an athletic middle aged man, with a subtle hint of blue on his skin and elegant, almost liquid tatoos. As a master of the sea, Tangaroa is quite protective of his domain and any who thread on his water should prepare to make an offering. In exchange, he will gladly share his riches and the gift of his many aquatic servants.

Tangaroa has always had a bit a rivalry with Tane Mahuta, as they are both providers and life givers, but in very different realms. Tangaroa is more spontaneous, creative and emotionnal than his brother and to him, sea creatures have always been better than birds and mammals. Although the sea god created reptiles, they betrayed him during Tawhirimatea's attack by hiding in Tane's forest (except the loyal and wise sea turtles who remained in the ocean). After Tawhirimatea's defeat by Tūmatauenga, Tane refused to let the reptiles return to their owner as the lizards skin and teeth were quite useful to humans. It remains a source of friction between the two to this day.

As a God, Tangaroa (also known as Takaroa) is a proud warrior with a powerful spear he uses to hunt sea monsters. He is kind and caring to those who respect his domain, but terribly proud and prone to hold grudges (don't mention reptiles in his presence). His Godborns are not as numerous as those of other Maori Gods, as Takaora likes his domain. But they are often successful individuals, using their talents to make sure that only those who respect the sea can profit from it. As tatoo artists, treasure hunters or eco-activists, Takaora's Godborn are always energetic, spontaneous and creative. They are the kindest to those who are nice to them, but relentless to those who disrespect them or the ocean. A few of his Godborns became Gods, the most well known being Punga, God of ugly sea creatures.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Tai Yi - Flow
Green Druid
Chwal - Puppeteer
Water - Healing
Epic Presence
Water - Life
Sky - Peace

Associated Abilities

First Aid