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When Tezcatlipoca and Osiris tore apart the Titanrealm of Sheol, Atum Re gave the Gods the idea to divide the Titanrealm in multiple smaller Realms, which the Pantheons used as their Underworlds. Since entering the Titanrealm of Death requires dying, this was perfect to house the Souls of the Dead.
However, in the depths of Death, the Gods discovered a place where nothing existed. Absolute emptiness, and with only one exit. This was named Tartarus, and was used to jail multiple Titans and Avatars as well as their servants, and given to the charge of the Greeks, specifically Hades.

Tartarus is a vast, desolate Realm. It embodies all that is worst and darkest about Death, the pointlessness, eternity, grimness of it. Because Death is also about loneliness, no matter how long one is in Tartarus, they never will see another living creature. Most Titanspawn there have been rendered mad by the isolation.

Entering Tartarus from the World is utterly impossible. From an Underworld, since they form part of Death, if one is alive (both in Body and Soul), dying there will plunge the being into the depths of Tartarus. Hades has long since built artificial constructs which causes temporary Death, allowing for a monitoring of Tartarus. Because Cerberus does not allow living beings to enter Hades, few mortals have had the misfortune of being thrown into Tartarus. However, the ones that have serve as a cautionary tale to other such mortals - to not defy the will of the Gods.