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Tāwhirimātea (or Tāwhiri) is the God of Weather, including Thunder, Lightning, Wind, Clouds and Storms. He is the son of Papa and Rangui, but unlike his brothers, never wanted the two to be separated. When Tane Mahuta split Heaven and Earth, Tāwhirimātea was enraged, as he felt the anguish of his heart-brokened father in the sky. So the God flew to the sky and communed with his father. Rangi reluctantly agreed to help his son wage a brutal war on his siblings. Recruiting the forces of Amaunet, Tāwhirimātea assembled a huge army of wind and storm titanspawn and set out to conquer his brothers.

Tāwhirimātea first attacked Tāne Mahuta , and razed his forests, causing Tāne to flee. Next Tāwhirimātea attacked his brother, Tangaroa , the Sea God. He caused huge storms and waves, spreading panic in the ocean. Tangaroa was himself helpless before Tāwhirimātea, as the sea was in such a chaotic rage that he could not use his powers. Having never seen such chaos at sea, many of Tangaroa's children deserted their father and took shelter with Tāne. Since then Tangaroa is at odds with Tāne.

Tāwhirimātea pursued his brother, Rongo and Haumia-Tiketike, the Gods of Cultivated and Uncultivated Food, but they were cleverly hidden by their mother, Papa, who still loved her children. Finally, Tāwhirimātea began to fight Tumatauenga . This time, however, Tumatuenga firmly embedded his feet in earth, saving him from Tāwhirimātea's storms. He waved his weapons in the air with incredible strength, and defeated the titanspawn army single-handedly. However, Tawhiri survived though he had to slowly withdrew in Amaunet.

As one of the few Gods on the side of Titans, Tawhiri is a force to be feared. Sometimes allying with dangerous beings like Huracán or even Yam since his father Rangi was pacified by Kronus, the God is unpredictable, powerful and full of hate for his brethren. His Godborns almost always follow in their father's footsteps: they are warriors in the fight against humanity, often roaming the world and creating natural disasters, floods or storms in order for humans to remember that nature shan't be tamed or subdued. They can be found undercover in the World as secret agents specialized in demolition, meteorologists, tornado chasers or eco-terrorists.

Associated Powers

Night - Madness
Sky - Tempest
Light - Peace
Epic Strength
Water - Raging Sea
Sky - Destruction
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Fire - Strife

Associated Abilities