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Celtic Underworld, Tech Duinn is a representation of Ireland with its green dense - and sometimes dark - forests, its lakes, its castle ruins and its rivers.
Previously kept by Donn with an iron fist until his betrayal during the Black Death, Tech Duinn is now the duty of The Morrigan. Even though the Goddess can be harsh at times, Tech Duinn became a rather calmer place despite the overpopulation it is facing since Donn's betrayal.

Tech Duinn's main part is where the common Souls rest for eternity. They are usually well treated, no matter their crimes. The Irish tribal system of justice dispensed the Gods from judging humans after their death, assuming their debts will have been paid anyway. The honorable souls however, are concentrated in Mag Mell. Like the Fields of Elysium in Hades, Mag Mell is a vast provider field, where souls can rest and enjoy pleasures of life without fear.

Sharing a strong bond with Patala, Tech Duinn is frequently suffering the assaulted by fomorians and The Morrigan, Manannán mac Lir and the Lords of Tech Duinn are just enough forces to contain them.

Because of the Tuatha Dé's proximity with mythborns, Tech Duinn has a big permeability from outside the Overworld. Many Otherworlds lead to it and provide an extreme range of backdoors.