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Fallen Egyptian Goddess of Rain and Dew, Tefnut was Atum Re's first daughter and sister-wife of Titan of Air Shu, with whom she gave birth to Geb and Nut when he was still a peaceful God. She fell under Ouranos' deadly strikes during the First Titanomachy.

Light-haired and with a brown complexion, Tefnut was a beautiful and charismatic Goddess. She was revered by the first Egyptians as the bringer of rain, which was always an omen of good things to come. Her name literally means "That Water" and she is said to have been created by Re's spit.

Tefnut was overall benevolent towards her subjects, but she was also impartial and fair, granting rain drops only to those she judged worthy. She had a strong bond with Sedna, with whom she shared the view of Water as provider.

It is during the First Titanomachy that the Neter lost two of its prominent figures: Shu and Tefnut. As their father Re were fighting Ouranos alongside Indra, Shu attempted to block Gaia by freezing all air movement all at once. He succeeded, giving the upper hand to Re and Indra for a brief moment but in the process bound himself with Amaunet beyond recovery, thus becoming a Titan. Witness of the scene, Tefnut was horrified, and when her father was about to receive a fatal blow from Ouranos, she jumped between them, receiving the blow in place of Re and dying on the spot. She would not allow herself to lose both her husband and her father at the same time.

Tefnut's story is now transmitted to all of Neter's younger Gods as an example of self-sacrifice for the Greater Good.