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The Teotl, the Mesoamerican Gods, is one of the seven major pantheons. Powerful and proud, the Teotl have struggled all their immortal life to make their place in the Overworld, defeating rival pantheons systematically. They even sacrificed the Mayan Gods - after their leader Huitzilopochtli predicted their downfall and turning into Titans - to empower their ichor and reach new heights.

The Teotl are therefore an impulsive bunch. With wild traditions and aggressive behavior, they are the greatest users of Hematurgy in all its forms. They use the power of blood for everything : healing, prophecy, combat, art even crafting. They were one of the rare pantheons to directly create a society of Enlightened humans to found cults that could empower them through Hematurgy. The Tlamacazqui, though hidden since the fall of the Aztec civilization, remain a considerable source of influence for the Teotl, especially in North and South America. Like all Gods, the Teotl do not actually need to be worshipped to be powerful… But they do enjoy it and their servants or Godborns are quite keen on creating cults in order to please the pantheon.

They are not as close to the World as the Nga Tama a Rangi, however, they consider that their role, as Gods, is to make the herd of humans thrive. They have understood that Gods are meant to rule, enjoy and protect, while humans have to be guided, challenged and, sometimes, sacrificed. The Teotl know that the Gods are the keepers of civilized order : they are rulers who understand the importance of rituals. Like the Ayllus, they also take great power from the Astromancy and take pride in organizing multiple shamanistic celebration throughout the year. Therefore, though sometimes seen that way by other pantheons, the Teotl are more than bloodthirsty brutes. They are subtle and deep in their own way, and to them, violence is not more or less immoral than breathing. They see morality as establishing balance. The World is seen as constantly shifting with the ever-changing Legend. Morality is therefore focused on finding the path to living a balanced life, which provides stability in the shifting World, and that includes violence, but also philosophy and more importantly, art. The Aztecs see the arts as a way to express the true nature of one's being just as much as combat and therefore, any Teotl God or Godborn has at least some creative talent.

Born from Coatlicue and an unknown God, the Teotl are not curious about their origin. They have their eyes on the present and the future. Therefore, despite their attachment to rituals, they remain quite adaptative and progressist in their ways. They embrace the modern World and its ability to give thrills to those who seek them with hunger and energy.

Huitzilopochtli, God of War, the Sun and the South, is the undisputed ruler of the Teotl since he ate the heart of his brother Mixcoatl. However, he shares his influence with the three other cardinal Gods : Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl and Xipe Totec. Like the Deva, the four ruling Gods create a balance and a cycle of life. Xipe Totec is death and birth, Quetzalcoatl is the amazement of children and the wisdom of the old, Tezcatlipoca is the rebellion of the teenager and the guile of the middle-aged. Finally Huitzilopochtli is the strength and charisma of the young at their peak of their abilities, at the center of life.

In the current war against the Titans, the warlike nature of the Teotl shines bright. Though Huracan and Camazotz are one of the fiercest enemies of the Gods (with perhaps Apep, Aten and Surtr), the Teotl seem to fight on every front with an energy and a confidence that brings them a lot of allies in their wake. They have close ties with the Aesir, whom they find just as hungry for battle, and with the Orisha, as they share wildness and shamanist culture. Their extensive use of Hematurgy allows them a great edge over Titans, however, some wonder if the end truly justify the means…


Members of the Teotl

First Generation (~3500 BC to ~1900 BC)

All First Generation Gods of the Teotl have either perished (such as Coatlicue), turned to Titans (Tlaloc) or disappeared.

Second Generation (~1900 BC to 600 BC)

  • Huitzilopochtli: Pantheon Leader, God of Blood, War and the Sun, Cardinal God of the South
  • Tezcatlipoca: God of Change, Night and Destruction, Cardinal God of the North
  • Xipe Totec: God of Maize and Growth, Cardinal God of the East

Third Generation (600 BC to 15th Century AD)

Fourth Generation (15th Century AD to Today)

Lost Gods

Major Events

~1900 BC

~1600 BC - Coatlicue forms the Teotl

~1200 BC

6th Century AD

  • Tezcatlipoca attempts to sacrifice Xiuhtecuhtli in order to unlock the 13th level of the Aztec Godrealm, killing swathes of humans in the fight. Xiuhtecuhtli turns Titan after having revived the fallen.

8th Century AD

16th Century AD

  • Cortez, Godborn of Zeus, brings down the Aztec civilization as a statement from the Theoi after the sacrifice of the Mayan Gods.


Known Godborns

Famous Godborns