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Prominent Features

Terra is the Titanrealm of the World - not the cosmic plane, but the World as opposite to the Sky. Terra is a realm of crossroads, looking as wild and dangerous to the eyes of the Gods than the World below was to the eyes of primitive humans and linked to almost every Godrealm and most of the other Titanrealms in the Overworld.

Terra and Amaunet together form the spine of the Overworld, totally different in every way but both representing concepts vital to the very existence of the wordly plane. Mortals all around the globe have always seek to find their place in the universe, torn between their divine and animal natures, between the earth where they live on and the skies abode of the Gods far above. As such, where Amaunet is all about freedom, individuality, enlightenment and is home to the most aerial beings in Cosmos, Terra is a very primal place, calling to every instincts earthly life clings on. It is a wild place, home to enormous creatures, ravaged by tropical diseases, avalanches and typhoons. But it is also a place blooming with life of all sorts, breathtaking landscapes and wonderful life cycles.

Terra doesn't own a specific geography to rely on. Kur, the Primordial Dragon, sees to that, making sure the entirety of the Titanrealm remains unchartable. Therefore, Terra is ever-changing, reshaped constantly by Kur's power and Ourea's will. Instead of considering this Titanrealm as a group of regions, it is far more easy to see it as a merging of concepts, all together entangled but yet very distinct in the forms they take and the places they influence. Four of those concepts are the one holding the greatest sway over Terra.

The first one is Ourea's. The Titan of Rocks and Mountains has his influence mainly spread in the borders of Terra with other Titanrealms. He is the shaper of Terra, turning limitless plains into mountain chains without effort. His mountains act both as a natural defense against intruders as well as an effective hideout for those in need. Firmly neutral in the Overworld War, Ourea welcomes in his realm anyone willing to visit him, as long as they intend to respect his hospitality and have no wicked intentions towards him or his mountains. Daranibo is his right hand, flying over the highest peaks to guide the lost and tear apart the invader. On top of the highest mountain always lies Ourea's palace, where he rests from his lifelong walks all around the Titanrealm. Hidden in the caves of Ourea's mounts, on the edge of the border with Erebus' realm, are the Oreads, mountain Nymphs befriended by Artemis and her first contacts when she comes hunting in Terra. All around Ourea's peaks lies green grass, tropical jungles and ancient forests. Those are the entrance to Gaia's realm, penetrating every part of Terra where life has set foot.

Gaia's realm is a place where life blooms and death waits around the corner. All life that spawns there is eternal - that is, until it is eaten by a bigger creature - and is Gaia's child. Considered like the mother of all life in Terra, Gaia splits her time between experimenting and creating new forms of progenies and shielding them from the aggressive behaviour of the Gods. Few among those have ever won her favor, but the ones who do - such as Simbi - find themselves blessed with the present of an ever-blooming mind, allowing them to see the real beauty of nature in all its glory and ruthlessness. Gaia calls it enlightenment but other more skeptical entities call it brainwashing. Nevertheless, all that received this gift have become symbols of life and were revered as such by mortals. The beings thereof usually end up in her court, always keen to travel to her to seek her wisdoms.
Always wandering in her realm, life spawning under her feet, Gaia's tremendous power can be felt throughout Terra, like the calm humming of the earth. As the main Avatar there, she has no trouble overcoming any obstacle she comes across and her concept spreads in every directions, every crack, every slope and every shore or coastline Terra has to offer. There is, however, one obstacle Gaia cannot overcome: the Terran Cycle of Life and Death. Deep under her feet lurks Patala and the slithering Crom Cruach who, on his turning into the Titan of Decay, became the bridge between earth and life on one side and the death and depths below on the other. Not that he had a choice, but his very nature started the Terran Cycle, ensuring that all that lives finds its end one way or another. The very existence of the Cycle is an insult for Gaia, and the Titan of Life tried many times to get rid of this natural phenomenon, in vain. Some say she might try again when the time will allow it, but she has more pressing matters to attend to…for now.

The third concept is probably the least easy to notice and its territory is most certainly the most impossible to reach. There, in the very edges between each concepts within Terra and at the borders between Terra and the rest of the Overworld, Kur's power lies in wait. Like a veil of infinite vastness, the Primordial Dragon's influence is felt - yet unseen, until one cannot find their way back that is - and renders Terra literally infinite in both space and time. Also fairly neutral in the Overworld War, Kur's only preoccupation is to ensure the earth remains the untameable vastness it once was. His realm is impenetrable as it is quite literally unreachable. When crossing from an Avatar's realm to another's, for a split second, one can feel Kur's influence in the form of a self-preservation instinct, a voice in the back of one's head trying to dissuade them to move further. If one focuses enough on the idea to be lost and alone in an infinite landscape and provided they have enough Legend, they can pierce through the veil and end up in Kur's realm: an infinite plain of yellow wheat with a gentle breeze blowing on their neck. Kur's realm is truly outside of space, and some say even outside of time (Chronos being incredibly elusive on that particular fact). One could call this place a paradise, as there is no predators to defend themselves from nor invaders to fight back. Kur's titanspawns are not hostile toward the rare beings able to pierce through the veil and come in their lands, they are even rather amused and curious. However, this travel remains fairly dangerous in that it is almost always a one-way trip.

Last but not least, is the concept of Cataclysm, which belongs to Typhon. Taking the shape of a gigantic, roaming earthquake ravaged by thunderbolts and lava eruptions, Typhon's rage lurks both above and inside Terra, coming straight down from Amaunet and destroying everything in its path. Typhon, even though primarily an Avatar of Amaunet, is also the Cataclysmic Bane of Terra, being the last titanic spawn of Ouranos and Gaia's. Though himself trapped in Tartarus for the time being, his loyal servants still carry on his work of massive destruction. Not having full access to the World anymore, they fly over Terra from the Tempest Layer of Amaunet, summoning earthquakes that make Ourea's mountains crumble and thunderbolts burning down Gaia's forests. And in a realm of earthly creatures, the ones coming from the skies are unmatchable. Some of them try to actually conquer parts of Terra, growing tired of their meaningless destruction, wreaking havoc just for the sake of it. They decided to take actions and they did indeed. Some of their rotting remains and exposed bones can still be found, crushed in a bloody mush printed in the rocks of Ourea's mounts or spread in a thin rain of anima fertilizing Gaia's flora and luring her predators to feed on the carcasses.

Internal Politics and Culture

As far as the Gods are concerned, Gaia is the main political force in Terra. Kur and The Green Man are too wild and elusive, Typhon’s forces cannot be reasoned with, and Ourea is neutral and works on timelines which are considered grindingly-long, even for the Gods. Nevertheless, some Mythborn entertain a relationship with Kur or The Green Man, due to their friendliness towards them.

Meanwhile, despite her known fanaticism, Gaia remains a powerful, consistent source of knowledge and wisdom. As such, she is always followed by a myriad of creatures all seeking her favors. From the most ferals to the wittiest of them, they became dependant of her radiating charisma, her gentle kindness and her tremendous power.

Gaia doesn’t own any palace, nature being the only place she feels home, covered by the sky above and watched over by her beloved husband Ouranos. All around her are gathered large groups of titanspawns, minor Gods or Mythborns from all races. Talking and discussing about the place of Life in the Universe, or about the latest events of Divine Geopolitics around a fuel-less fire camp where fireflies and bees can fly into to gorge themselves of energy, sometimes Silenus visiting them and starting the greatest parties known in the Overworld.

Relations and Links

No trade route ever stops within Terra, even through they do go though the Titanrealm. Indeed, Terra is at the crossroad of many other Titanrealms and from its shores or its sky, one can go into Oceanus or Amaunet rather easily. But no Avatar of Terra is interested in trade since earth gives them everything they need. Some adventurous merchants do try their luck though, and venture deep into Ourea's realm, hoping to find rare minerals or jewels. But a crushing death is their only lot.

Gaia, as the main active Avatar, is not the most diplomatic of beings and the Gods are not the most respectful creatures towards nature. Both facts tend to place the relations between Terra and the Gods under the sign of conflict. It goes the same with the Avatars of other Titanrealms, although Gaia do share some pleasant conversations with Xiuhtecuhtli about the meaning of life and ways to celebrate it. Despite the gruesome manners of her fellow Avatar, she still tolerates his existence, only because he values life as much as she does. She is also at odds with Sedna, and the very existence of Heqet is the only reason why both Avatars are not in a state of open warfare - and also because Sedna has a lot on her hands with Yam's return. Heqet swore loyalty to Gaia, but she also allied herself with Sedna, therefore, from her Swamp of Sli'eth, she makes sure to stay true to her nature of Life as Fertility and be the mold for peace between Terra and Oceanus.

Gods Presence

Almost every Pantheon has their Godrealms (or part of it) linked to Terra. And Gaia's realm being the most hospitable - the less hostile being more accurate - the Avatar of Life has seen her realm invaded by her progeny without her consent. The most known example of it being Olympus, that Zeus placed above Terra, held up by the chained Atlas, against Gaia's will. Nevertheless, Zeus’ mighty thunderbolts keep his grandmother’s creatures at bay.

Major Avatars

  • Gaia, World as Life
  • Ourea, World as Mountains and Rock
  • Kur, World as Infinite Expanse
  • Green Man, World as Nature

Notable Titanspawns