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Prominent Features

Terra is as diverse and wild in the eyes of the Gods as the World is to those of humans. High forested mountains, luxurious tropical forests, green plains, deserts as far as the eye can see, and savage coasts relentlessly battered by the waves at the border with Oceanus. Unlike other Titanrealms, Terra is in a state of constant change, through the immense and eternal Terran Cycle. All is created and all is lost through the conflict against Patala and Sheol.

All Titans fight to impose their concepts, but the Terran Cycle relies on the eternal fight between Life and Death. This Cycle creates a balance between both primordial concepts. The vast majority of Terra, under the influence of Gaia, is disrupted by Crom Cruach's forces, who holds foot within Terra from Patala. Thanks to this Cycle, Terra's life and Patala's deadliness are regulated, allowing both titanic realms to exist.

As Terra is in constant change, its geography is in flux, and following the flow of life is more meaningful than any landmark. Gaia wanders throughout her Realm, life blooming as she walks by, surrounded by the many who desire her good will, Gods and Titans alike. Meanwhile, so deep below her footsteps cannot even be felt, lies the underground Kingdom of the Fomorians, whose rise to the surface harkens another of Crom Cruach's destructive rampages. Meanwhile, the wildness of Terra means that there exist whole continents outside of the influence of these greatest Avatars - home to whole civilizations and species of Titanspawn. This might seem strange and chaotic to outside eyes, but to the dwellers of the Realm of the World, this makes as much sense as gravity or that water is wet.

Internal Politics and Culture

The Cycle shapes much of the politics of Terra. Gaia is the centre of Life, and as such has the support and allegiance of countless allies, but her rule is under constant threat by the attacks of Crom Cruach, while the Primordial Dragon, Kur, is just enough of a calm and non-intrusive force to lull the established order into feeling like things are settled before he uproots the Realm and turns it inside out for no motive that anyone can understand.
There are only 4 Titans within Terra, Gaia being the most powerful of them and, as such, considered as the unofficial ruler of the realm of Earth.

Gaia, the Mother, is a respected - and feared - Titan. Her history is filled by grudges against the Gods who harm her children. Especially with the Theoi. When she is not busy planning and fighting to promote the virtues of Life, she is experimenting on creating life forms. Most of her spawns are primitive, the monstrous sketches of life forms which, once completed, are sent to populate the World. Giant insects, flying serpents, wyverns, predatory trees, all are creations of Gaia and her experiments. She crosses, tests, and creates species with an almost Frankenstein-like obsession.

The Green Man is the protector of Nature. Though they are not his children, he cares for all living things and makes sure their life can be led without outside interference, and that the Cycle continues. He and Gaia work together towards protecting and preserving life in all its forms at a cosmis scale. But no life is eternal. However, The Green Man has not been seen in Terra for a long time and nobody knows about his whereabouts.

Kur is a peaceful Titan and, with Gaia, the eldest Terran Titan. Fairly neutral in every conflict, his only concern are to ensure Terra remains an infinite land. Not too keen of the Gods or other Titans, Kur is however more enclined toward the mythborns as he finds them fascinating in their nature.

Ourea, the Titan of Mountains, is definitely the most neutral entity of the whole Overworld. Ourea does not mean business to anyone and does not accept disturbances very well. A few early mindless Gods from the Orisha tried once to conquer his realm, but their bodies are now impaled on Terra's mountains, joining their brethren who foolishly triffled with the Titan. It is not rare, when wandering Terran mounts and hills, to find remains of entities who tried their luck, their bones shining the whiteness of their naivety.

Relations and Links

Terra knows semi-permanent borders with many Titanrealms - Oceanus along the coasts and through Heqet's Realm, Amaunet through the highest peaks of Ourea's realm, Muspelheim through its deserts, Patala and Sheol through the natural dismise of its creatures and through the Cycle.

As embodiement of a high concept many pantheons rely on, several parts of Terra have been colonized by the Gods. The Theoi built Olympus on Gaia and Ourea's realms, triggering the their ire. From his peak, Zeus strikes Gaia's relentless spawns climbing the slopes.

The Orisha built Ikole Orun on Gaia's realm near Terra's border with Oceanus. Gaia does not have any sympathy for them, but she usually finds their presence less intrusive than the Theoi's. She also has regular contacts with Simbi, but that does not prevent her from sending a few spawns to challenge the african Gods and, why not, try to take over their Godrealm.

The Aesir when building Asgard, asked Ourea for help into creating defensive mountains and thus bonded themselves to Ourea's realm in Terra. That does not make them less of a target for Gaia since they use their connection to Terra to trade a lot with Dis Pater, who she despises to her very core.

As for internal politics, there is close to none. Gaia being the prominent Titan, every other Titan less powerful than her ended up absorbed - willing or not - with Jord as the latest demonstration.

Gods Presence

Besides their respective Godrealms, Gods do not have a strong presence in Terra itself, Gaia made sure of that. A few hardened encampments exist in the lost jungles of Terra, but have to be kept secret for fear of being smashed into dust by Gaia's wrath.

Main Avatars

Notable Titanspawn