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Tezcatlipoca, the Smoking Mirror, the Moon Jaguar, has many attributes : he is the God of Destruction, Night, Divination, Temptation, Jaguar, Sorcery, Beauty, Strife and Obsidian (among other things). Unlike many, he does not like to be labelled and in that sense is quite similar to Shiva : he understands that destruction is a part of the World that protects it from the perpetuity of the Titans.
In the Teotl, he is the Cardinal God of the North, the husband of Xochiquetzal and a powerful lunar deity. He uses the Moon as a Smoking Mirror that allows him to trap others in their reflection as well as catch glimpses of the future.

With black and yellow stripes painted across his face, Tezcatlipoca always lacks his right foot he lost during the Second Titanomachy against The Ymir. He enjoys taking attributes of the Jaguar, his animal counterpart, and is well known for his thirst of dark powers and knowledge. He attacked Xiuhtecuhtli hoping that sacrificing him would allow him to raise the Pillar of Heaven to the realm of his long lost father. His pragmatic and sometimes "short-sighted" way of dealing with things puts him at odds with the kind Quetzalcoatl and their struggle is actually a source of energy within the Teotl that Huitzilopochtli tries to channel to good use.

Tezcatlipoca is not evil per say, but he is ambitious. He is the incarnation of the change that comes from conflict, the night that promises a new day but also dooms for darkness. During his main feast in ancient times, a chosen young male would be chosen as his incarnation, living like a king for a year, and then being sacrificed and eaten at the next feast. Tezcatlipoca knows that the only time you can live in is now, and the only way to truly enjoy anything, is to have your will have a direct impact on the world… In short, to have power. In order to be truly free, the Smoking Mirror tests his powers constantly, explores the new and challenges the old, relying on his unpredictability to try to avoid the threads of Fate.

When he visits the World, he is always gorgeous, with the charisma of a feline despite a missing foot. As a double-agent, a second-in-command organizing a rebellion or a politician finding a loophole that makes a whole system tremble, Tezcatlipoca is always trying to find new ways to acquire power and test its application through discord, change and cleverness. He and his progeny understands that often, one needs to challenge the rules to grow, bring change to win and grow more powerful. The Godborns of the Jaguar like taking risks and hunting with passion, and they always know just the compliment to soften a heart that’s getting ready to call their risks irresponsible or reckless. They live in the moment and truly think rules are meant to be bent or broken (whether by force or wit) : those placing their emphasis on predictability and long-term planning find that attempts to push those views on them are about as effective as forcing open flames to point downwards…

Associated Powers

Chwal - Puppeteer
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Nature
Night - Veil
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Fire - Strife

Associated Abilities