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Art by Apterus

Born from Erebus fusion with Nyx, the Titanrealm of Night, before Erebus' turning to the Titans, Thanatos' sphere is the peaceful aspect of Death.

Brother to various other primordial deities such as Hypnos, the three Moirae, Nemesis and others, Thanatos has no empathy for anyone but his siblings. He carries a grudge against Hermes ever since he took most of his sphere by becoming the God taking most Souls to the Underworld.

Since the rise of the Gods, the Avatar has separated himself from his Titanrealm and made an agreement with the Olympians, reaping Souls which have died in a peaceful way and carrying them to the Underworld.

Despite being a legendary creature with tremendous power, Thanatos lacks subtlety and has been tricked by mere mortals - such as Sisyphus who locked the Titan in his own shackles to escape his death - more than once.

In the modern age, Thanatos has lost a lot of his prestige. The Gods' friendship with Styx as well as their refined psychopomp networks throughout the World have lessened his influence, while his lack of a proper kingdom in Sheol and his peaceful nature have not led him to hold an important political position in the Overworld. These days, Thanatos mostly cares for his family and children more than anything, his Titanspawn being generally kept out of harm's way when working for the Gods for fear that the old Titan's peaceful nature might be disrupted, and his primordial wrath unleashed.