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The Dagda, Celtic God of Masculinity and Magic, is one of Danu's sons and the father of Ogma, Aengus, Aine and Brigid. As High King of Ireland, The Dagda is one of the greatest of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Dark-haired, with a muscular body and a smile always on his face, The Dagda mostly displays his good mood all around and thrives for the simple pleasures of life such as food, sex, fights and drink. He had numerous romances with the Goddesses of the Tuatha Dé along with many mythborns. He is especially in a good relationship with Thor whom he shares a perspective on life with and is revered as a fatherly figure by humans.

The Dagda's weapon of choice is his club, who is said to be able to slay nine men at once with one end and, with the other end, give their life back to the poor lads. An extremely talented warrior, he was leading his brethren through the conquest of Ireland alongside Macha, The Morrigan's deceased sister.

Also a master druid, his knowledge about the secrets of Nature is unparalleled and his relations with mythborns are excellent. Dubbed the Druid-God, The Dagda never misses an opportunity to celebrate with his Fey friends and he is known to visit Mab and Titania quite often. His womanizer reputation being well-established, there are numerous rumors about affairs he had with either Titania or Mab or both. Both Queens never took time to address these gossips however.

When not partying outside of Tir na nÓg, The Dagda uses the Cauldron of Abundance, one of the four Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann, along with his harp - which became the symbol of Ireland - to create an atmosphere his guests will remember for centuries. The Cauldron is permanently filled with food, beer and other pleasures to the extent that no man ever stepped aside it without being utterly satisfied.

His Godborns are numerous, true testimony of the extent of The Dagda's womanizing behavior- especially among mortal women whom he finds especially attractive - and like their father they are driven by their passion to enjoy life. They have caring and strong personalities, thriving for the most essential needs in life and willing to stay away from responsibilities which would require them to abandon only a part of their lifestyle. They are nightclub and casino owners, box fighters or famous chefs.

Associated Powers

Epic Strength
Green Druid
Epic Presence
Runic Druid
Epic Toughness
Fire - Strife
Light - Brightness

Associated Abilities