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African Gods of Justice and Truth, they are mong the eldest deities of the Orisha. Sons of Olorun, they have earned their place into the Lwa generation thanks to the cause they defend. "Love, Truth and Justice. Directed by reason."

Conjoined twin children playing with Voodoo dolls, they personify the Lwa as both the divine power and human impotence. Both of them are both male and female.

They are also the deities of teaching and often use Astronomy in order to teach humans. They learned Astromancy after the Orisha reached the Ayllus' borders in South America. Thanks to it, they were able to access a whole new level of power, which they're using to render Justice among the Orisha population and predict the future events.

Not interested by mating with humans, The Marassa Jumeaux have no godborns and would rather focus on better ways to teach humans how not to waste their lives.