The Middle Way is the Buddhist Discipline developed by Gautama Buddha, which aims to allow the individual to escape the Circle of Karma and, ultimately, escape Fate itself. It preaches ideals similar to those of the Deva - asceticism, righteousness, virtue - but instead of directing it towards joining the Gods, the goal is instead to direct it inwards, towards the Self as a separate entity. Ultimately, the practitionner achieves Nirvana, which creates the Self as a part of the Wyrd Fatebound to no other entity, where one can be eternal, enlightened, and free. Some of those who have achieved Nirvana decide to stay in the World after this achievement. These, called Bodhisattva, are motivated by compassion, and lead others to Enlightenment.
Users of The Middle Way can use their fading connection to Fate in order to remove themselves from outside influences. Legendary Abilities pass through them as though they did not exist, those attempting to find and identify them see only empty space, and at the highest levels the user can move, unimpaired, throughout the World, unseen and unknown. The risk of The Middle Way for those interesting in using it to combat the Gods and Titans is that removing oneself too much leaves one completely unable to affect the World.

Out of the Secret Societies, the Order of the Jade Fist - founded in part by Buddhist monks - are the most proficient users of The Middle Way, using it to stay hidden and go toe-to-toe with powerful Legendary beings.