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Celtic Goddess of Strife, War and Prophecy, The Morrigan is a daughter of Danu along with her deceased sisters Badb and Macha.

With her black long hair, war tattoos on her face and eyes as black as the crows that form her court, The Morrigan is a mysterious Goddess. Her personality is hard to get one's head around - for a very good reason - and the Legend surrounding her is marred with pain and rage.

The Morrigan's personality is often seen as uncertain, even unpredictable. Almost as if several persons were inhabiting her mind and soul…which is exactly the case. At the beginning of the Tuatha Dé Danann, what is known today as The Morrigan was three sisters: Morrigù, Badb and Macha. The three of them were War deities, each one overseeing of a different aspect. Morrigù was the youngest and was in charge of acknowledging the heroes and inspire courage; Badb was the flying crow and took care of reaping lives on the battlefield. Also known as Eriu, her name later became the gaelic name of Ireland; Macha was the general, leading the divine armies.

During the First Battle of Mag Tuired, the three goddesses were on the battlefield, repelling the fomorians from the island and using their combined abilities to inspire courage in the heart of their brethren and fear in their enemies'. But the battle took an unexpected turn of event when Badb and Macha were killed by the fomorian leader. Morrigù was standing alone, on the verge of drowning in her own mad grief. However, the sisters shared such a powerful bond that upon Macha and Badb's deaths their souls merged together with Morrigù's. The Morrigan was born and the fomorian leader was turned into a thin rain of blood.

Badb living through The Morrigan
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Sometimes an ally to humans, sometimes an opponent, The Morrigan's intentions are very confusing, as Cúchulainn and The Dagda witnessed with their romance with the Goddess.
Now an embodiment of several aspects of War at once, The Morrigan is often seen flying over battlefields as a crow, flipping battles' outcomes by spreading courage of fear at her convenience. As she does that, she is also prepared to reap the souls of the warriors she prophecised a violent death to with the Well of Divination. She also commands the Banshees, a race of mythborns taking care of grievings The Morrigan uses to help Manannán mac Lir in his psychopomp duties.

Master of Augury and sharing an obvious bond with Sheol and Nyx, The Morrigan was inducted Overseer of Tech Duinn when Donn betrayed the Tuatha Dé Danaan by making an alliance with the Grim Reaper. Recently, she was evicted from Tech Duinn by the actions of a group of Godborns who locked the Axis Mundi to the celtic Underworld. Now unable to fulfill her duties, she is allocating all her time and resources to reopen the Axis Mundi and seize back the control of her territory.

Her children are as complicated and mysterious as their mother. Because of the nature of The Morrigan's Legend, combining the ones of three Goddesses, every of her child can bear one of the three sisters main trait or a combination of all three. Their occupation range is as vast and complex as their personality can be and because of this feat, The Morrigan's Godborns can be found in almost every type of job connected to wars and conflicts. They can be war medics, NGO field agents or even PTSD-specialized psychiatrists.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Death - Destruction
Death - Horror

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