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The Mistwalkers are an order of Enlightened allied with the Order of the Jade Fist which does not believe in letting Souls get sucked into the Underworld, at the mercy of the Gods. They consider that Sheol being a Titanrealm means it needs to be avoided, and its pull is not the sweet mercy of the grave, but an insidious and vicious force bent on destroying the purity of the Soul.
Instead, every Mistwalker who passes has their Soul safely attached to a living Soul, bound to another so that they can be protected while providing wisdom and aid to its host. It sometimes happens, however, that particularly powerful and ancient Souls would overwhelm the mind of the one who would receive it, particularly when these Souls have multiple other Souls bound to them already.

When that happens, the Soul in bound into their pride, joy, leader and protector: The One-And-Many.

The origin of the One-And-Many is unknown - it is believed that the first Mistwalkers spent their lifetimes creating the perfect phylactery, one which could host thousands of Souls. The One-And-Many has certainly had hundreds of Souls bound to it over the millenia. It is an amalgam of these Souls, speaking through all of them as one. Its power is the expertise of all of these ancient masters combined. There is no weapon or spell it does not master, and it grows stronger with every Mistwalker who dies.