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Born from Shangdi shortly after the First Titanomachy, the Three Pure Ones are inventors of the Taiyi Discipline.

According to human legends, they are considered as the embodiement of Tao and they are the highest deities from whom originates all of existence. The truth, however, is not quite the same as the tale.

Taciturn and always working on new projects, the Pure Ones, also called The Three Clarities, are powerful wyrdseer. They spend their time studying the very nature of Fate, in order to understand it, manipulate it and ultimately…master it. All of their work has always been done by their full collaboration. Their coordination is so precise when working together, they can speak at the same time without mistake. Unfortunately, because of their commitment to their projects, they never found the time to create Godborn.

The day Taiyi was invented, the Pures were meditating, using their abilities of Wyrdseeing to watch the Web of Fate unfold before their amazed eyes. Nobody knows what they actually saw this day, not what exactly happened while they were wyrdgazing, but when going out of their chambers several weeks later, they ran to Shangdi and held a demonstration of their discovery. Highly interested by this new magic, Shangdi asked the Pures to teach it to whichever member of the Bureaucracy would be willing to learn it. Chenghuangshen was their first disciple.

One day, Shangdi asked them what they saw when wyrdgazing. The three of them answered with one voice: "Music."