The Ymir, also known as Cipactli to the Teotl or Pangu to the Celestial Bureaucracy,was the name given to the Titanic entity which took form over the centuries leading up to the Second Titanomachy. As Kronus increased in power and turned closer to the Titans, the more orderly, pacified places in the Overworld coalesced more and more into The Ymir, which continued to grow and expand, menacing to absorb the Gods' homes. When the Second Titanomachy broke out, The Ymir was Kronus' greatest weapon, even though it had no true conscience of its own beyond expansion and survival and listened to no voice but its own directive. However, not just the Gods resisted Kronus' perfect Order. The wilder Titans, such as Apophis and Kur, also fought against Kronus (and against the Gods at the same time). Without true mastery over the Titanrealms, Kronus was eventually defeated, and The Ymir split apart into the modern Titanrealms still in place today. It is said that if there had been a mind controlling The Ymir's actions, nothing in existence could have stopped its advance.