Themis is an major Titan of Kosmos and the Avatar of Order as Law. She rules over the Kappa and Mu districts, engaging in the Throne of Causality's political game and acting as the supreme judge in titanic affairs.

As a sister of Kronus, Themis was one of the great fighters during the First Titanomachy. Some say she was the first love of Vishnu and that she created the first rules for creatures of Legend to follow.

Always fair and balanced, Themis however began disagreeing with her elder brother Kronus. He was supposed to be a liberator after Ouranos' defeat, but he became more and more tyrannical. Trying to control this excessive use of power, Themis created Fated Contracts, pacts sealed in Fate to try to stop abuses…With each contract signed, her role became more and more Fatelocked until she became a Titan just before the Second Titanomachy. During the conflict, she remained neutral, only trying to legislate and regulate the conflict.

Themis is fascinated by how far and complicated human laws have become. Since her turning, she has become a formidable economical, political and legislative powerhouse, quickly rising in influence both in Kosmos and other realms. While Kronus remains the most powerful Titan today, Themis ability to seal pacts with allies, especially Coeus, is very frightening…

With the recent release of Kronus, Themis has lost her place as the primary directing power of Kosmos. Though her brother is more powerful, her millenia-long rulership of the realm is making the two siblings evenly matched in the great rivalry for control over the Titanrealm.