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The Gods of Olympus are one of the oldest Pantheons, having known multiple generations and incarnations over the millenia.
The first of the Olympians came with the very first generation of Gods, children of Ouranos and Gaia (though it was recently discovered the Primarchs predated even them). They grew up alongside what would later become the first of the Deva and the Nga Tama a Rangi. The oldest among them refused the tyranny of their parents, and together overthrew them in the First Titanomachy, the final blow being struck by Kronus, who would become the first King of Olympus.
Over the centuries, Kronus and his brethren turned to Titans, and it was the turn of their own children, led by Zeus, to overthrow them. Because of these continuous cycles of violence and conflict, those who stand on top of Olympus have shifted dramatically over time, and the ones known today as Olympians are but the latest roster of an ever-shifting group.

The Theoi is obsessed about personal success and ability. Legend is not about being born special, it is about rising from the mediocrity of the masses to become exceptional. It is no accident that the Olympic Games began in Greece, and the Olympians champion anyone willing to rise to greatness.

This has led them to be a Pantheon known for their rashness, with Godborns more focused on their own greatness - to sometimes a narcissistic degree - than on the mission, the greater picture, or those around them. They are like hurricanes, blasting every obstacle apart but destroying everything around them.


  • Godrealm: Olympus
    • Axis Mundi: Mount Olympus
  • Underworld: Hades
    • Axis Mundi: Cape Matapan

Members of the Theoi

First Generation (~3500 BC to ~1200 BC)

All of the Theoi of the First Generation, Kronus and his siblings, have turned to the Titans or been killed during the First Titanomachy.

Second Generation (~1200 BC to ~600 BC)

  • Demeter: Goddess of Nature and Agriculture
  • Hades: Ruler of the Underworld
  • Hera: Goddess of Marriage and Politics
  • Poseidon: God of the Sea
  • Zeus: God of Leadership, Thunder, Sky, and Power

Third Generation (~600 BC to 1st Century AD)

Fourth Generation (1st Century AD - Today)

  • Dionysus: God of Wine, Friendship and Liberty
  • Hermes: God of Thieves, Merchants, and Tricksters
  • Lyra: Goddess of Freedom (Apotheosis in 1973)

Gods from the Legends Timeline

Lost Gods of the Theoi

Major Events

~3500 BC - Kronus forms the Theoi
~3100 BC

~1200 BC

~600 BC

  • Fearing about the prophecy of his death, Zeus swallows his mistress Metis and gives birth to Athena

~500 BC

  • Herakles ascends to Godhood after a life of heroic deeds

~1st century AD

  • Dionysus joins the Theoi after spending centuries with Silenus.
  • The Theoi attempts to seize control of the Roman Empire through Julius Caesar but are stopped by Brutus, an Illuminati agent.
  • The Civil War breaks out and the Theoi is at odds with the Neter, the Deva and the Aesir. The Theoi and Neter allies themselves together briefly to stop the aggressive expansion of the Orisha

Known Godborns

Famous Godborns