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For the past three millenia since the Gods defeated Kronus during the Second Titanomachy, the Overworld War had turned into a Cold War between Gods and Titans, skirmishes arising here and there over conflicts of influence. Meanwhile, however, humanity became more and more prosperous and Enlightened groups in the form of Secret Societies were gaining more and more influence over the World, until they became a true influential power when the Milesian invasion of Ireland started and the Concordat of Stonehenge was enacted.

In the centuries that followed, Secret Societies developed new abilities such as Nihilism that allowed them to challenge both Gods and Titans alike. A new contender had made its entrance in the Overworld War, sheltered by the Concordat. Their goal is clear: ensure humanity its independence from divine beings. Helped in their objectives by sympathizing mythborns and even Gods or Titans, the Secret Societies managed to win a few victories.

However, the entrance of Secret Societies and the entire humanity in the war had dramatically shifted the allegiances, creating alliances and agreements between Gods, Titans and even Societies, contributing to the millenia of tensions, skirmishes, plots and betrayals…until 1991 with the mysterious freeing of Kronus and Apophis from Tartarus.

Both Titans now leading their own side to victory and determined to take their revenge, they are building their forces patiently and methodically. From that moment, all allegiances and alliances have begun fluctuating, some old treaties vanishing in thin air and new ones arising according to each pantheon or Titan’s leaning toward one of the three sides in this full-out war to come.