Teteocan, the 12th Heaven
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Art by BelleDeesse

The Thirteens Heavens is a strange Godrealm as it is both fragmented in thirteen different levels, but all the while connected by the Pillar of Fire, the Axis Mundi built by Xiuhtecuhtli when he was a God. Each fragment of the Teotl Godrealm is a small plane of its own, with its own passageways to other realms. However, the higher the level, the harder it becomes for beings to reach it without standing the test of the Pillar of Fire, who purifies any who has wrong intentions toward the Teotl.

The first is Meztli, the "Sky where the moon moves". Home of Tlazoltéotl and Tlaloc's clouds, and the moon palace of Tezcatlipoca, this level is in perpetual night (and therefore close to Nyx), but the stars are the heroic souls shine from above and the ground is soft dark clouds.

The second, Tetlaliloc, "Where the stars move" is the home of the heroic souls and the minor Gods of constellations watching over them. It is not a realm of darkness, but of kind light, where souls shine as kind stars and watch over the Godrealm.

Tonatiuh, "Where the Sun moves", is the third level. There, Huitzilopochtli rules and shares his realm with Helios. With ties to Aether, the third level is now under siege by Aten's forces, more specifically Kua Fu.

Huitztlan, "The sky of the Big Star" is the fourth level is where Quetzalcoatl reigns. There is only one circular room in this level. At its center, the Pillar of Fire, and on its edges, walls and walls of books and scriptures, slowly turning and revealing the bright light of Venus, the evening and morning star. This lengendary manifestation is a Legend "lighthouse" that allows all allies to find their way back.

The fifth sky, Mamaloaco, "Sky that is sinking or being drilled" is a dangerous place. This is the part of the skies where comets and shooting stars are born and spread through the Overworld. It is now quite a battlefield, with the forces of Auahitūroa and Nut trying to gain control over the phenomenon.

Yayauhco is the "Dark green space", sixth heaven and second home of Tezcatlipoca. It is a jungle full of predators, with links to the Dark Forest. The landscape ressembles the Amazonian forests of old, but all creatures crave blood more than anything and are firmly loyal to serve the Jaguar God.

Xoxoauhco is the seventh heaven. The "Region of blue" is a clear, calm sky where the Teotl usually meet, discuss and rest. All seems to float tranquil in the air and one could easily reach the Cloud Layer of Amaunet from here. However, the seventh heaven starts to become quite hard to reach without withstanding the Test of the Fire.

Nanatzcayan is the eighth heaven : "Where the obsidian knives are creaking". A place of storm and wind, where Xolotl and Miclántecuhtli come where they are not busy in the Underworld. It is now under siege by the forces of Huracan and is one of the most bloody battlefield of the war as only beings of high level of Legend clash in these parts.

Teoixtac the "Region of white" is the ninth heaven. It is the home of Quetzalcoatl and a place ressembling a more modern vision of heaven. A white glow covers both visiting kamis and heroic souls in a plentiful and peaceful garden. You can almost forget the dreadful sounds of Nanatzcayan below… Almost. It is there that other Gods visit the pantheon, generally passing through Amaunet or Aether.

Teocozauhco "Region of yellow" is the home Huitzilopochtli, none can enter this sacred place where he meditates, trains and studies all forms of Hematurgy. The tenth is a savannah, under a perpetual noon sun, with links to Aether.

Teotlauhco, "Region of red", is the eleventh heaven and the region of red. Home to volcano and fire, it is the ancient home of Xipe Totec and was the realm of Xiuhtecuhtli when he was still a God. At this level, none can reach it without going through the fire, but one can leave it easily to Blaze Island in Muspelheim.

Teteocan, "Sky that is the place of the Gods", is the highest peak of the Godrealm, where only Teotl Gods are welcome. Ruled by the Cardinal Gods, it is a place of high power, resembling a tall Meso-american Pyramid, where all Gods reside, reaching it requires an incredible amount of legend as an offering to the Pillar of Fire. If it accepts it, a being could theoretically be granted passage to the 12th heaven. However, more than one powerful titanspawn has been incinerated trying to reach this holy place.

Omeyocan, the "Place of Duality", is the thirteenth heaven. The Pillar of Fire can't reach it and is sealed from all. Tezcatlipoca tried to sacrifice Xiuhtecuhtli in order to reach it, but failed. It is there that the mysterious God Ometeotl, God of Duality, supposed genitor of the Teotl, resides. However, none can say if Omeyocan still exists or if the God is still alive…

As one can see, the Teotl Godrealm is a place stirred with conflict on many sides. Only the control of the Pillar of Fire allows it to be united and function. This unique Axis Mundi needs a sacrifice of Legend to work, and obliterates all who want to harm the Teotl. None has yet found a way to fool the test… However, that does not stop people from trying…